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    Pegasus Bridge

    This site ( has an interesting discussion of the two bridges. I guess the Orne River bridge pivoted to allow boat traffic. Ah, those French.
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    Latest MMP release

    Creating them is trivial. I think everyone can assume that pretty much anything can be made as an overlay. I don't think it's MMP's job, though, to make scenarios using them - isn't it up to scenario designers to do that, then submit them to MMP? Now, printing overlays on a clear background...
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    Bds 87 & 88?

    MMP likes to let these things marinate with the early buyers for a while. I know it hurts those early buyers who want to use VASL, but yeah. Usual marination time... 4-8 weeks, as a total guess?
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    Will we ever see an official Battle of Berlin HASL from MMP?

    I'd be up for doing the map. Fate has led me to gaining experience with big city maps, especially of the heavily-damaged variety.
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    Is this cheating

    Has anyone ever done this, and why?
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    #55: Castles on the Horizon

    Wake up, jerkface, it's your move!
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    #55: Castles on the Horizon

    The Sun Blindness penalty doesn't seem to warrant taking the time to swing the attack to the N-S axis, does it? Loved the notion of putting ASL World Championship tickets in chocolate bars. Some poor kid from Birmingham would find it, show up, and Shock The World. For bonus cross-cultural...
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    "Ghost Army" veteran obituary

    That Sun Tzu feller sure knew his Gamesquad.
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    Why do you buy Critical Hit products? (anonymous poll)

    I see it as my Retirement Cash Cow, baybee! Rodney told me if i just signed that piece of paper, eventually the royalties would come a-rollin' in!
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    Death Ride Kursk by Grognard Simulations.

    The Russians may have won the battle but the Germans won the Marketing War.
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    Has HASL's re-working era finally came?

    I don't care if you people buy these. For me, it's entirely worth it to go back and update these maps. Genuine hill-colored hills in PB. Hex KK11 actually appearing between KK10 and KK12. Stuff like that. Twenty years of OCD resolved in one big FWOOSH of relief. Ahhhhhhh.......
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    Action Pack 17 - what's needed to play all scenarios....

    Ya forgot one thing, Klas: A STOUT HEART
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    Inor Map Question

    Steve and anyone else who wants the Inor VASL file, complete with the CG VP dots. Send me a private message with your email and I'll get it off to you. Meanwhile I'll get it in the pipeline so that it becomes the auto-download version.
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    Inor Map Question

    Gah! Sorry Steve. I'll check it out asap.
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    Disrupted Units surrendering

    Aww. Missed a golden opportunity to branch out into Unarmed Combat rules. Aka Rasslin'