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    Tactical rules of thumb for beginners

    My dear Oberst von Marwitz, in these hard times everyone has to fulfill his duty. Naturally the protection of Southern France is reserved for those with low party membership numbers. While your efforts in serving the Führer are very welcome, we all know those old Prussian officers cannot be...
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    The future of the Ersatz VASLeague

    I am happy with the league as it was in 2020. I had great opponents and good games.
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    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    Thanks to Tobias for running the Ersatz League. I am still impressed by the fact that Tobias only had a few days of preparation in the last days of 2019 when it became clear that the original vasl league won't be happening.
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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Hi Marc, thanks for the great job you are doing here. Here are my results: JENSEN lars peder vs LORENZEN bjoern no result Jul 20, 2019 Clash at Ponyri ITR-4 German Lost Caltabiano, Sebastiano n/a Aug 15, 2019 Task Force to Cotignac DB080 German Won Moro, Joe n/a Nov 13...
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    In this thread everything has already been said, just not by everyone. My estimations about the risk at an event like the ASLOK are based on the fact that I am a medical doctor. Furthermore I have continuously followed the medical literature since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. What do...
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    ASL History: Kampfgruppen Commander

    Is there any chance of seeing this finished? As far as I know the game was in an advanced stage. No one interested in picking this up and completing it?
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    Street fighting against an AFV on a wire

    Assume the following: An AFV spends MP in a road with wire. Adjacent enemy infantry is using street fighting to attack the AFV. Provided the infantry passes their PAATC - will the infantry have to stay in the wire hex or can they return to the building they came from?
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 1 - Schmidt)

    Thanks, we discovered a rubbled concrete structure near Kommerscheidt but it was not clear if it was built for military or agricultural purposes. Where is the museum in a garage? Never heard of it but as the Grenadier tournament is nearby it might be worth a visit later this year.
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 1 - Schmidt)

    When I lived in Munich my favourite pub was the "Schwabinger 7". A couple of years ago it had to be removed and make way for modern buildings. On the construction site a WW2 bomb was discovered. As it turns out we were drinking our beer all those years only a few meters away from the bomb.
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 4 -Vossenack)

    The church in Vossenack from hex Q49 View from O48 View from N50 View from Q52. This is a good example for the plateau effect. In the scenario "sappers as infantry" I was able to move units in hexrow V outside the LOS of units in the village. More plateau effect. When you move from Q55...
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 3 - Kommerscheidt)

    View from W10 towards X14. Standing in bypass Z9/AA9. The woods / stream hexes in DD12. Nowadays there is a small bridge crossing the stream. From CC12 the buildings in BB9 / C9 are just barely visible. All buildings in Kommerscheidt had to be rebuild after the war. Not a single building...
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 1 - Schmidt)

    The short answer would probably be yes. In the immediate vicinity of Kommerscheidt, intensive agriculture was practised for many years. It is therefore highly unlikely to be damaged in this area. The situation might be different in the Kall Valley, which lies between the villages of Schmidt...
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 2 - Kommerscheidt)

    I don't have any historical maps of that area so I can't answer this question with 100% certainty. My guess would be that the pond has been there for quite a while as its function is usually to provide water for firemen. About the plateau effect: I checked LOS in Vossenack in several places and...
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 2 - Kommerscheidt)

    We had problems finding the roads on the Schmidt map in Kommerscheidt. Today the road layout is not the same as shown on the map. the pond in O19 as seen from O20 was a good point of reference. View of Kommerscheidt from approx. hex X17. The road on the right does not exist on the Bounding...
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    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 1 - Schmidt)

    Here are some photos from Schmidt with the fitting piece of the map from Bounding Fires Objective Schmidt module: standing in LL33 and viewing down the road to MM33. Schmidt church in the distance, view from LL33. The road from Schmidt to Vossenack as seen from hex LL33. view from hex...