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    Triple Digit Club

    24 ASL 2 ASLSK for me, unreported however.
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    How to become better at using AFVs in ASL?

    No worries. I didn't take your comments as a criticism at all. I didn't mean to make my reply a counter-point as such. After all this time, it's fair to review some of the article's assertions. I considered updating the article when it was reprinted in OotA, but they wanted a straight reprint...
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    How to become better at using AFVs in ASL?

    Wow, talk about stepping into the Way-Back Machine.. I appreciate your comments. I believe I mentioned somewhere in the article about the importance of using Bounding First Fire before an "Engagement" even takes place. The article is a bit dated. There have been new .. "interpretations" ...
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    Leader location in a stack

    I swear, when I first saw the original post, I thought, "This is like stepping into a time capsule." This topic of "leader on top" has been discussed before, years ago. I just know it has. Was it the ASLML?? I actually thought it was posted as a joke! Things are getting so lame, let's start a...
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    AAR - A51 - Clash Along The Psel

    Greetings. From the first photo, it appears that one of the wadis (at least) is set up incorrectly. On the north side, the two wadis should connect as one continuous wadi. (I don't have the set up handy in front of me or I'd give you the overlay IDs, etc.)
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    Tiger Day 2016 at Bovington

    That was pretty cool, thanks for posting that. I wonder if Bovington has some Soviet runners, it would be cool to run a BT out there, and of course the T-34... Fun stuff.
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    Why do you think people identify so much with the German Army?

    My fascination for the German army started as soon as I first became aware of the war. I believe I was in fifth grade, and our class was shown a film about World War Two. I was fascinated that Germany would have the audacity to take on the whole world. I started eating it up. Then of course...
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    Streets of Stalingrad 4th Edition in Production.

    Where did you read this? I would like to follow up. I'm down if it gets released. But, I will not pre-order.
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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    The maples are causing trouble with the oaks.
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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    Now that makes for an interesting mental image...
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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to 2 Bit Bill again." Dude, where do you find this stuff?
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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    That is just so sweet! For collectors only, fer shor. Is something like that an investment? What would you do with it, just keep it under glass and pass it on to your heir? I note that it was created in the same year as I was. Great vintage. :D
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    Two-Player DYO SASL

    I have been tinkering for some time with an adaptation of the SASL, DYO and CG rules for use in historical engagments involving two players. The system I propose would allow players to select a theater of operations, nationalities, general force size, and an engagement type, all within...
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    A12.121 and A12.4 Concealment Loss

    > Question:Assume a Friendly "?" unit performs a concealment-loss activity in > Open Ground. A Good Order enemy MMC is in clear LOS to the Friendly "?", > which can be determined by the naked eye without aid of a thread. Is the enemy > MMC required to challenge the move and force the Friendly...
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    Best/Favorite Victory Conditions

    The recent discussions about scenario balance got me thinking about Victory Conditions. I decided to do a brief survey through my collection of Official scenarios, just to get a feel for the types and number of different Victory Conditions that challenge us. While it is difficult to tell by...