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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Alan Saltzman and I played Blazing Borders from the Stavka Archives. My 75 (yes, 75) squads and 12 tanks attacked his 24 Finnish squads in deep snow on the first day of the Winter War. The Finns put up a spirited and valiant defense but were unable to stand against the seemingly endless horde...
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    Malayan Campaign Scenario Recommendations

    Dave, I could probably provide the scenarios that you don’t have. Get with me at the Bitter Ender.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Today I played BFP-128, The Devil’s Armpit, with Walt McWilliams. My Germans slowed the Poles down long enough to allow the reserves time to solidify the line.
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    B9.32 Wall Advantage

    Caveat: The wall advantage rules seem to have been significantly changed from those of 1st edition. Situation: I have a unit in a fortified ground level stone building that has three wall hex-sides facing the enemy direction of travel. I claimed WA during set-up. B9.32 states “A unit...
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    BFP-127, The Road to Warsaw

    AAR: BFP-127, The Road to Warsaw 11 September 1939, Kopytow, Poland. Situation: Beaten up and scattered elements of the Polish 2nd Infantry Division are defending the village of Kopytow against advancing elements of the 2nd Battalion of SS Regiment LAH. An armored car platoon is attached to...
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    Malayan Campaign Scenario Recommendations

    I hope this is what you were looking for. We had a good time with it. Singapore By Moonlight is no easy scenario, but how often does one get the opportunity to conduct a night amphibious assault with the Japanese? I think that it’s the only night scenario by I may be mistaken. I can’t...
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    Malayan Campaign Scenario Recommendations

    This is a 15 scenario linked campaign covering the Japanese invasion of Malaya that we played last year.
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    Who is Lindsey M. Murillo?

    Lindsey was minorly involved in the playtest of the ASL rules around 1983-84. He used to rub elbows with Charlie Kibler and Bob McNamara. He’s got a few obscure playtest credits from the early days of ASL. He lives in Laurinburg, NC and is my primary opponent.
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    Bypass and Minefield

    Given a unit that bypasses a Woods/building hex side that is ADJACENT to a minefield hex; is said unit attacked by the minefield?
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    WO15 - Liberation Day

    Great write up!
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    WG2 Assault on the Teploye Heights, Thoughts? Balanced?

    Alan Saltzman and I played it several times in the 90's. If I remember correctly once the Germans break through the mine belt the Russians are screwed.
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    WaR 4, A Promising Start (2nd Ed) errata?

    The scenario card says to place overlay Wd5 on 40P5-O5, but that would cover overlay Wd1 in 40O4. I think the proper placement for overlay Wd5 would be 40O5-P4.
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    Forgotten War Journal (so far)

    Al Saltzman and I are playing through all the MMP designed Forgotten War scenarios, in chronological order by date. Here are the recaps of what we've so far played: FORGOTTEN WAR JOURNAL ASL 203, Hard RoK, played 8 May 2018. I attacked all across the front in order to gain as much information...
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    ASLOK XXXIII Open Play

    After 20+ years I'll be returning to ASLOK. Is anyone up for a game on Monday, 1 Oct, in the morning? You pick the scenario, I'll pick the sides.