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    My 2020 in ASL

    Joe and I were discussing the differences between the submitted design and the one that emerged from playtest back in 1995. At the time, MMP was publishing under the AH banner.
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    Unarmed units not attacked in CC -- Melee?

    I interpreted the red text to mean: other means than eliminate/capture in CC. I thought it still required the Unarmed unit to be attacking and have eliminated an enemy by some means. But I can certainly see your interpretation.
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    DC placement and Concealment

    In VASL, you can attach a label to the DC. But yes, with cardboard it's a handy reminder to put a ? or CX counter on the DC.
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    Unarmed units not attacked in CC -- Melee?

    Since the unarmed MMCs didn't participate in the attack, do they qualify for rearming? The second sentence of 20.551 says "One attacking Unarmed friendly unit..." So I didn't think they would rearm. Good point. Of course, in the actual playing, my squad rolled snake eyes, so it would have...
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    Unarmed units not attacked in CC -- Melee?

    I had a HS guarding two squads and an 8-0 leader. The HS became broken. In the CCPh, the prisoner 8-0 passed his NTC (the squads did not). So he attacked the broken guard and killed him. 8-0 re-arms. In the next turn, I move a squad into the location, ambush the 8-0 and unarmed units. For...
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    Jitter Fire producers

    FRASL is not defunct. I'm not sure why you might think that. Before the pandemic, we would get together several times per year for ASL events. Presumably that will resume at some point. Tuomo is correct that Jitter Fire was a tournament that I ran. Most of the scenarios were designed by Tim...
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    Motorcycles and other vehicles

    Joe Arthur and I are playing FrF77 Ghostbusters. There are lots of AFVs and lots of motorcycles on the German side. Since motorcycles are vehicles, it would probably be legal to use platoon movement with the AFVs, but I don't think that would really benefit the cycles. What would be even...
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    Flamethrowers in the Mist

    Is there a subtle reason that A22.1 says "LOS Hindrance" rather than just "Hindrance?" I agree that E3.1 says LV Hindrance is treated exactly like an LOS hindrance, except when it's not. ;-) Thanks!
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    Flamethrowers in the Mist

    A22.1 says that FT FP is affected by "LOS Hindrances." Since the rule goes out of its way to say LOS, that would imply that LV hindrances to not affect FT attacks at all. Is that the correct interpretation?
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    March Madness 2020

    I haven't been to MM in a long time. I'll see if any other Colorado players are interested in making the trek in 2020.
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    Bounding Fire Blackpool - November 2019...

    That's quite an assumption on your part about why I might not have responded. But that has nothing to do with ASL, so we shall leave it at that.
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    Bounding Fire Blackpool - November 2019...

    Since I have never been to Double-One, you may want to recheck your notes. I did attend the Bournemouth tournament several years ago, but I doubt we discussed climate change. Maybe once the hobby ages a little bit more, players will be retired and have more time to spend a weekend or longer at...
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    Re-crewing an AA Gun during MPh and then firing at aircraft

    Q: A crew moves in the MPh into the location of an unpossessed AA gun (with IFE) and successfully recovers it. Later that same MPh, an enemy aircraft passes its sighting TC and makes a ground attack. E7.5 says AA Fire is possible if the weapon has not exhausted its fire capability for that...
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    Raff's Rules! Raff's Rules! Party Time! Excellent!

    Yeah, I just kept running between the tackles and took what the defense gave. Those AA guns looked too hard to assault, so I just shifted to the center to bypass them. As you say, if the Americans don't fail their PMC, it does seem like they will be able to meet the VC more often than not.
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    Leadership senior moment

    A leader can direct subsets of the original FG for subsequent shots, but not supersets.