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    Sports/Football Thread

    Packers vs Seahawks Monday Night 7PM CST ESPN. I know it's only pre-season but I'm ready for some football. Seahawks might be dangerous this year. They came close last year, until the Packers beat them in overtime during the playoffs.
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    Sports/Football Thread

    Thanks for the pic. Marco Rivera may have bad knees but he still makes it to the Pro Bowl. The offensive line should be very good this year.
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    Sports/Football Thread

    While I wouldn't write him off, I think his best days are behind him.
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    Sports/Football Thread

    I have to agree with you on the Broncos RB's someone in that orginization sure has an eye for talent at that position. Is Curt Warner still with the Rams? Any thoughts on the Colts? Another team that always seems to be right there in the running. I've always liked Tony Dungee, even when he...
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    Sports/Football Thread

    They didn't build them like that when I was in school.
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    Sports/Football Thread

    Wow,that good, are we talking about the actual football team here?:D
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    Sports/Football Thread

    I'm sure you have already done a scouting report on the Texans cheerleaders, but how's the actual team look this year?
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    Sports/Football Thread

    Re: Re: Re: Sports/Football Thread I think Nick Barnett is going to be a great linebacker. If the Eagles don't get there do you think it will be the end for Andy Reed? Looks like Green Bay has lost a good d-back (Mike McKenzie) also. As for Donald Driver and the rest of the receivers, I'm...
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    Sports/Football Thread

    It sure took me by surprise when I heard Ricky Williams hung it up. The Dolphins always seem so close to getting in. I'm a Packers fan and I know that the Dolphins are looking at Najeh Davenport, Ahman Greene's back up. If that happened I think that would be a big lose for Green Bay and a big...
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    Best all time actor War or Combat movies

    Some good choices there,but have to go with the Duke..:horse:
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    Where and how do you store your games!

    Thanks for the tip.
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    How much detail in the paint job?

    I'm doing 20mm figures and I just paint the faces and hands flesh tone,I'll paint hair and I'll paint straps,ammo pouches etc, I don't shadow uniforms or anything like that either. I get enough detail work with my models and 1/35 scale figures,I even need my glasses to do that now. I do like to...
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    BB's movie Review #2

    Re: Re: BB's movie Review #2 When Trumpets Fade is a HBO movie made in 1998. It stars Ron Eldard, Frank Whaley, Martin Donovan and Dwight Yoakam. I personally really like the movie.
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    Free wargame rules

    Thanks Pat.:thumb:
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    Thanks SnEaky_GiT. I found some sites to download from. My wife will download them at her office this week. She has access to a colored printer.