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    Turkey dinner, with all the trimmin's!

    Hi guys! Long time no see. Mantis and I are going strong on this game again and it's proven to be quite interesting. I have no particular opinion relating to the U.S. entry issue and Turkey apart from to say that if U.S. entry is advanced due to axis invasion of Turkey perhaps it...
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    mp squads?

    Well I'm finally picking up where I left off with Mantis ages ago. I'm planning my first move in over a year and I need to know something. Do I (axis) have any units with MP squads in my army (june 41)? I seem to recall them but I can't find them now so it might be a carry over memory of DNO or...
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    Just for those players...

    I agree that being able to fight too hard and too long are problems. One possible way to slow things down and possibly reflect the way many battles played out would be to give sides shock or penalties that cause their formations to frequently go into reorg. Reducing supply isn't going to stop...
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    Acceptable Number of Air Units

    Personally I prefer to micro-manage the ground units over the air units, so the numnber you are talking about would be annoying for me. The other factor to consider is what size the ground units are. If they are divisions or even brigades and regiments the larger sized air units are just fine...
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    replacements distribution

    The equipment may have gone to reconstitute the unit you disbanded. There is an extensive article by General Staff (I believe) on replacements. Not sure where it is available wherther here or at TDG.
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    Special Award for Westpointer

    Hip, Hip Hooray for Westpointer! Thanks a lot for all you have done. OUtstanding and really appreciated. Thanks again.
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    DnO Multiplayer Sign-up

    Okey Dokey. Hey thanks for the game guys! Maybe I'll be back some day. BTW, if 17 can't take over after all, I'll do my duty until a sub can be found.
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    DnO Multiplayer Sign-up

    Can Pounder take over for me? I think I have bitten off more than I can chew with games right now. Let me know if I should forward the move or finish it up after I get back from voting. Hope the line's not too long. Very enjoyable it's just too much for me right now.
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    DnO Multiplayer Sign-up

    I'd better get it last this time around. All my games are in my court right now.
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    Don't just sit there whistling La Marseillaise...

    Dang LaPalice! THose French officer's girls are sure hot! Congratulations and welcome to the club!
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    TOAW maps and TGA files

    Hmmm... could be memory. I have one gig but I should try restarting first. Tonight I'll try all that. Thanks for the image in the meantime. By the time I am done (if ever) the map will be a 'reference' and will appear in my bibliography with full credit where due
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    TOAW maps and TGA files

    Uniview won't do Topp's Barbarossa 9.0. Didn't tell me why. I am pasting maps together in Draw and I'll try to make a map out of it all later with ODD probably. I remember once seeing some Draw format stencils of hex maps but don't know if I could find them again or have time/wherewithal to...
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    TOAW maps and TGA files

    Does anybody know a program that will open the TGA files created by TOAW map dumps? My copy of Corel Draw #7 standard knows what a TGA is but thinks that they are too large. Failing that what is the best way to get as large and complete a computer file of a complete TOAW map?
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    DnO Multiplayer Sign-up

    Or, if it's more convenient, I could take the turn next. Had a day off today due to rain and I'm about to send Foggy's turn.
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    DnO Multiplayer Sign-up

    I can't help myself but finish my Braunschweig move for Foggy first. Can someone else go first in this one?