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    #74: Dinant Day 2

    Take a close read of the rules on fire spreading, gents. Fire spreads much slower in this CG. Do the same with the LOS rules for the RR underpasses. The LOS is actually quite restrictive (requiring the LOS to contain the grey road art work on both sides to be clear).
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    New Comp - Saved Game Issues

    3.5.8 will be the choice. Will advise. As always,.... thanks for the assist. Edit: Game seems to be working fine with 3.5.8. Thanks again.
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    New Comp - Saved Game Issues

    Ah! Appears to be a ton of "do not have extension loaded..." messages, which is strange. I had all the files copied to the new comp but should have only needed the main VASL/VASSAL programs. First set of errors are: Bad Data in Module: Source: bd49.gif Error: Image not found. Turn on the...
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    New Comp - Saved Game Issues

    Sorry for the delay in response. Versions downloaded are: VASL 3.6.5 VASSAL 6.6.2
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    New Comp - Saved Game Issues

    G'day gents New comp after a crash and I have loaded the game. However, when I load a saved game file for a PbEM game the board does not show up, juts the counters on a white background. There is an overlay involved so I am not sure if that is the issue. Need some help as my opps are waiting...
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    #62 - Cibik's Ridge

    The Marines are not steathy so the Japanese would bounce upon entry to US hexes instead of the US remaining HIP and getting a potential TPBF. See: G.4 Detection - ...unit(s) consist(s) only of hidden, Stealthy Infantry...
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    E11.5 Columns and A4.5 Double Time

    May Infantry units in a Column (E11.5) use Double Time (A4.5) while moving along a Path/Road? Along a path in (Dense) Jungle (G2)? My reading of E11.5 - .52 seems to allow it. Further, I could not see any additional movement cost for moving in Column along a Path in Wood or Jungle. Is this...
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    Immobilised Vehicles and Smoke Dispensers and MP Expenditure

    This came up in this morning's game. An immobilised vehicle can no longer move/change VCA but does it retain its full MP allotment? D13.2 (Smoke Dispensers) requires the expenditure of 1 MP but does said immobilised vehicle have any to use? :unsure: We figured yes but D8.1 and 13.2 does not...
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    #57: Gut Punch and an Interview with Jim

    Athelstan you "ain't". :rolleyes: Git yur inglsh korekt, gawl dangit. Another fun episode. Jim's website is a an excellent resource.
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    NVR 0, Tanks and Illumination

    Chapter E's night rules note that at night with an NVR of 0 a vehicle must be CE to move but does not note whether an illuminated hex would remove this requirement. Likewise, illumination does seem to cancel the +1 MP per hex for vehicles at night. Would moving in an illuminated location...
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    Hollow Legions reprint, Will you play the desert?

    Don't worry, Steve. there are plenty who will have the game and Chapter F is in the p and e RBs. Let me know when you want to try a game and I'll make the time (being retired and all).
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    Latest MMP release

    Weren't there a few small overlays in GIAoV (numbered iirc) that were reprinted later? :unsure:
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    Hollow Legions reprint, Will you play the desert?

    I agree 100%. The desert is a totally different environment that was fought over for three years. To leave other theatres (incl. PTO/CBI) out of the game would have seen far less game play. Like the PTO, to learn the DTO simply requires a bit of time. With repetition the rules become easier...
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    RPT168 Belgian Centurions

    Hi Rob, I had the same thought when I looked at the Chinese OoB. If the UN forces can get behind the Chinese and keep the Centurions front AF to the Baz 44, there is little the Chinese could do but rush the tanks. The Belgian infantry seems capable enough to support the tanks provided they...
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    Will there Ever Be an Official 1947-49 Arab-Israeli War pack?

    One thing that will be interesting will be the substantial increase in the firepower and TK #s of tanks (to say nothing of wire guided missiles if 73 is ever done). Post-war, the early/mid-50s, saw gun power climb sharply such that almost every hit would be a kill. The advent of the T-54/55 and...