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  • At this point I'm going to see if the bosses here would be up for giving the rpg and war game guys on acg a new home.
    I guess I have been registered for some time, though I started coming here for the TOAW/Europe Aflame forum. I'm looking at your friends list and I recognize almost all of them from ACG. The whole gang! So is there a forum here where I can try to save the DNC from a mudbath? Nice photo. Is that you and your wife in Texas? I've never been there, but it looks nice.
    Don't tell me you're in here too Dave! There goes the neighborhood! Oh great! Admiral and Freightshaker? Now I'm in trouble.
    I have no idea why I was banned at ACG - I'm willing to bet it was Cyberanger - he hates me. I was getting personal insults from skoblin in a thread and didn't retaliate once, and I get banned. Can you tell me if he's banned as well?
    You're not taking McCain are you? At least not straight-up I hope. I think the current over-under is Obama by 100 votes (electoral). No chance he wins CA or NY. The way the media's been talking, some say he may not even win AZ. I don't believe that but I don't think he can win.

    It's good to hear from you again.

    Best wishes,
    - Rick
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