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    The VASL map for the Brick Works (Stalingrad)

    What is the "Brickworks" map for? Is this to add to Valor of the Guards or Red Barricades? Sorry for what may seem a dumb question but I haven't visited the forums for quite a while.....
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    Rulebook soon available ?

    Does this mean the ring binders and chapter dividers will be available separately?
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    I;m not a kid....what now?

    I;m not a kid....what now?
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    CdG 2nd Edition - components to play all scenarios...

    Good news...just pre-ordered from Ritter Kreig
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    LFT shipping problems

    Experiencing that (Dementia) with a cousin so take care, family first.
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    Who is gonna win the Bowl?

    "Would love to see the Pats get embarrassed and Brady get happy feet when there's a good pass rush up the middle. Plus, I never want to see a team with a horrible defense win the Super Bowl." And the Giants were ranked where on defense?
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    Most dispicable attacks during WWII?

    Truman was deceived, that's why he made the decision he did.....
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    Most dispicable attacks during WWII?

    Now you're just being despicable......! :bite::smoke::nuts::clown:
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Panzer by Yaquinto games, didn't get too far since I forgot some stuff, but we worked it out....on;y played the armor game.
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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    Tom Brady....nuff said.