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    World's Best Armies

    i had no idea.when i was in the military it was legal to thumb your nose at russian officers.kind of dates me i know.
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    Germany's Largest Paper Endorses Bush

    cmon marines give him his say.keeps us pounding keys....know what i mean?
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    World's Best Armies

    what is the problem as you see it?
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    Germany's Largest Paper Endorses Bush

    does europe really care about our elections much kraut? i'm really curious,or are we just pompose in thinking that you care.
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    World's Best Armies

    the part about the american soldier.
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    Our own election: Bush vs. Kerry

    i remember after 9/11 when bush told us about the cominng war.he said this will not be an easy war,nor a quick war....remember?our troops...our wonderful troops have gone to foreign countries and literally kicked a$$ not only in the name of retribution,but in the name of freedom.we have made a...
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    World's Best Armies

    marines,i agree with what you've said.that troubles me,but i agree.i have served closely with brits in my past,true soldiers!
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    Kerry's Foreign Support

    our sales tax recently jumped to 8.3! our property tax went up,and what ever else the city needs it attaches as bonds to our utility voting involved.i just love taxes.
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    Halloween-related thread; What are your favorite horror films?

    "the birds",and as minime mentioned, ed gein.also that episode of x-files involving the hillbilly's where the mom was kept under the bed!GOD that was creepy.i'm also a big fan of "creature from black lagoon.the first "elm street" was pretty disturbing,what a concept.
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    Arafat near death?

    good one! i was thinking that the other old is castro anyway?
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    majestic 12

    it seems to have all started in early 1942.a top secret memo from george c marshall to FDR on 05 march 1942 is very interesting."regarding the air raid over los angeles it was learned by army g2 that rear admiral Anderson recovered an unidentified airplane off the coast of California with no...
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    i've always sided with the "egg" shape theory. :D
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    there have been many,many experiments conducted concerning levels have been measured,drops in temperature,"things" captured on film.the documentation by credible people seems endless...yet its not enough.having never seen one i cannot speak from personal experiance,but "something"...
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    and they seem to be everywhere,little buggars breed like rabbits! :rolleyes: