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    Idea for Urban Terrain

    In essence you are describing structures as an urban terrain. How you as a scenario builder tend to have the terrain is up to you and once build it needs to be tested. One thing though is not to modify existing terrain databases in situ. This would have problems with other scenarios built on...
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    Special Attribute - Discrete Time of Flight

    I see what you mean but for some weapons it could just be a meaningless addition of data with nominal effect. I would suggest you contact: Gary Bezant - author of TFW or, Patrick Proctor re the real need for this to be added to some weapons. The reply will be useful for future design...
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    Special Attribute - Discrete Time of Flight

    Sorry but it would help is you could specify weapons concerned.
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    BGC Vol 1 - Holding the Line - Success on the Thin Red Line

    Hmm Catch my PM. You will see my comment in a different light. What you are saying here is not the problem I am having.
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    BGC Vol 1 - Holding the Line - Success on the Thin Red Line

    Nice win there. Might have to add that one to my to purchase list. Tried one of the AFT ones but just could not get into the swing of things. Mentally died soon after the start. One of them concentration problems. Seems I am going to have a slower return to the game that I had hoped.
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    Dwellings vs Urban

    Urban terrain has affects on vision and mobility. It is not a fighting platform as you envisage Dwelling. Thus urban terrain is a large area type vs building which is a singular one.
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    Vehicle Mobility

    Not an item that is relevant, that is its not modelled. Some games model this others don't.
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    Making a No Go Area

    No this is all part of the AI map. THis covers no travel regions, routes and a few other bit I have forgotten about. and for adding AI terrain.
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    Use of Copy and Paste in the Map Terrain menu

    Sorry that is one Pat will have to answer.
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    Roads and Rivers

    Just realise this thread may help a bit.. :D
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    Roads and Rivers

    Should add that Pat or Curt would be able to provide a better explanation/correction than me.
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    Roads and Rivers

    No. Though the situation represents 2 of the same type from your perspective, it is still 2 distinct terrain types from the game's engine's perspective, which will be combined to make a "new" terrain value at the point/zone of doubling up the terrain type. So to avoid possible odd...
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    Some success matching a topo map to the game map.

    I did warn you there is a nasty learning curve with all of this. You have started down the path to serious gnashing of teeth, many unsavoury expletives and with luck a good scenario at the end. WIth every new map you will find it does get better, but the complexity does not go away.
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    Problem matching DEM/xdm Map to Paper Map

    And you are just on the bottom of the map making learning curve. There is more to climb yet:laugh:
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    Problem matching DEM/xdm Map to Paper Map

    If you are having a few problems with Dark Russian's Map outline let me know and then give me a week or two to add a bit more to the original document to cover menus etc. Old age and medical are all catching up so I am out of town for a while anyway. His document does cover it but at some...