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    Surabaya Slugfest...

    1. Only one MF was spent in the road hex, so no DFF on the non spent MF. Another unit DFFing at the ex-dashing unit will have no halving of FP, and FFMO/FFNAM if applicable (FFNAM will, as the unit is broken).
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    More "real" SMC names please

    Hatten in Flames has several leaders with names of officers who actually fought there.
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    Collateral attack

    Note that a MG firing on the IFT can FG with other units. So it can be quite frequent to have better odds using the IFT. And a Königtiger should not be CE in proximity of enemy infantry... so that is a infrequent occurrence.
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    Hedges and HEAT

    or Snipers in the treetops of orchards.
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    Hedges and HEAT

    It was in GIAV. IRRC hedges offered HD protection vs Bazooka HEAT.
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    More "real" SMC names please

    When I name leaders on VASL, I google the first names of their nationality. There are lists for all of them. With cardboard, I rarely select leaders which name doesn't match their nationality, but if a leader has the name of a designer and it corresponds with the nationality (e.g. US Sgt Nixon...
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    If you think that Pete agrees that foxholes are broken rather than he agrees that they don't fit your personal idea about their use, you certainly must be right. 😆 I am now sure that you will also boast that I lost the argument. You are very funny: please go on!
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    I am quite sure that Pete meant that they are broken relative to you and to your presuppositions.
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    Unless a SSR prohibits it, the Scenario Defender may boresight: Index definition of Scenario Defender:
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    FT269 SSR

    If guys of LFT don't answer here, the question could be posted in their unofficial support folder.
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    Red Factories CG I questions

    Having sniper counters displaying the SAN would be useful in such a case.
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    Foxholes in woods is one of the best places to set up in. They can be exited with the protection of woods DRM - but they still get DFFed in their Location. They mitigate airbursts vs. onboard mortars (+1 final DRM) and vs. OBA (+3 final DRM).
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    Fords in Shallow Fridgid Streams.

    Perry's ruling is consistent with the rules as written, as many here have underlined previously. This one is not a Perry Sez which I question.
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    After a game, what factors do you consider important when deciding whether a scenario's fun?

    That is a skill that I unfortunately don't have - and that good players have.
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    VASL Extension for Four-Dice roll?

    If that extension were made available with the others, I would install it immediately. The "RS" button is not very satisfying.