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    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    I hated that module : there were constant LOS problems and I never knew when to throw the dice. And there were no SS ships.
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    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    What are "PC hysterics"? I am cool and factual. You got up too early and you are grumpy now. Go back to bed and try to get some more sleep.
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    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    SK is not a throwback to SL: it is far more coherent and has the defensive fire rules of full ASL. As much as SK are not full blown ASL - and saying that the SK are ASL is misleading, as it wrongly evokes a total identity - they do belong to the world of ASL. I intially did regret that the SK...
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    A2.51 Off board hill hexes

    I would ask the question in the LFT Unofficial Support folder.
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    OF 14 Decision at Dubno : what is a damaged RR Bridge?

    Thank you. Things are clear now.
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    OF 14 Decision at Dubno : what is a damaged RR Bridge?

    Hi all, Special rule of scenario OF14 Decision at Dubno says : "The railroad is a GLRR (B32.1) with a damaged RR Bridge (B32.14) located in hex I9; ist initial weight limit is 10-tons (B6.42)." I don't seem to find the definition of a damaged RR Bridge - or a damage Bridge. Is the mention...
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    7.5cm IeIG 18 & 76.2mm PP obr. 27 in Chinese use

    See chapter C footnote 29: The problem here is that the guns are the same, requiring the same crew size and the same ammo storage volume. I don't think that any reality argument can be invoked to explain the difference. The only reason is that an ART gun in ASL doesn't have a gunshield...
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    Infantry 'changing direction' while in Bypass

    When Klas says "I think", he is simply explaining that the rules are indeed not that clear about a topic. He expresses that he is not absolutely sure of his answer and that, perhaps, there should be some clarification or erratum in the rules. Not being able to grasp the possibility of that...
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    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    How many full ASL players have moved to SK only? I don't think so many.
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    CX and 'timing' of reduced PP capacity

    A CX squad has an IPC of 2PP anyway, so no effect. Now, if it were carrying a 3PP SW, its CX MF reduction to 5 would not change if it dropped the SW. No difference with normal movement.
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    "As Luck Would Have It" SSR 2 foxholes as rout and rally terrain

    A10.61 lists Trenches among the Rally Bonus terrains - which thus provide a comparable situation with the SSRed foxholes. It speaks of a "Rally attempt". A10.6 says that broken units attempt to rally. So I would say that it is the Broken unit's position which counts, that is : it benefits from...
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    Russian Vehicle Note J

    I think that "possibly" is more a fluff text than the core of the rule. The problem is with the notion of "usable". But rule D13 has some occurrences of words of the same stem as "usable" : D13.2 USAGE D13.3 FIRING: When a player wishes his AFV to attempt smoke dispenser use he makes a DR (Δ)...
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    Moving Crews in Hatten

    I am not sure that in real life a crew would swap its tank with anothers' one, excepted for great necessity. The crewmen organised the interior of their tank with personal belongings (beverages, etc.) and would reluctantly let someone else "dwell" in it.
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    Thread for ideas on KWASL's Steep Hills rules addition.

    The Stonne module prohibits vehicles moving up the forested hills and forces them follow the road - with the hex exiting the sunken road being problematic, as the French can concentrate all their AT defenses on it.
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    T26 M33 and M37 with AAMG question.

    A Rider hero. But he could not fire the CMG at the same time and I am not sure that he could FG the AAMG with a BU crew firing the CMG.