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    What to get and when...

    I own 1st ed of ASL together with Beyond Valor, Yanks and Partisans. How shall I continue? Buy ASL 2nd ed when it gets from the printers? Buy Code of Bushido. Help me out will you?
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    (A9.221) FP of Fire lanes

    Realy? I find nothing about that in my rules. Dif. between AH and MMP? I own the old AH version....
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    (A9.221) FP of Fire lanes

    Quite new to ASL and reading about Fire Lanes and Alternate Hex grains ( A 9.221) and that sections example confuses me. If the fire lane is traced through a hex spine ( as opposed to hex grain ) is the FP in the none-bisected hexes halfed? Or, thinking about it, can somones please just...