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    Patrick Ireland

    I'm cross-posting this from Facebook as I don't think Patrick was active here but many of the people he touched are. From Robert Zinselmeyer "This sad news come to me through Ed Beekman and he asked to pass it along to the wider ASL community. Patrick Ireland passed away July 16, 2019. His...
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    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    These numbers are kinda bogus because people have to upload their logs, which means there's some human intervention skewing the results. I.e. people are more likely to upload their logs if they've had a good or bad VASL session. Since VASL uses you should refer to their statistics...
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    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    If you want help from VASL developers posting here is probably the best approach. You could also get looped into the VASL development repository on Github. The approach for finding the piece ID above looks right, although I haven't coded in a month of Sundays, so I haven't spent much time...
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    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    I honest haven't looked at what you're doing here, and maybe you already understand how VAS(SA)L saves and loads the pieces, but I can shed some light on what you're seeing here and why. VAS(SA)L pieces are composed of a series of traits. If you open up the VASL editor and click on a piece you...
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    Anyone want to point me to/teach me - simple (I hope) add on

    To be fair adding the final fire counter to the menu is a reasonable request, but let me explain why it’s not worth doing. First, absolutely everyone uses the piece menu every scenario. There are dozens of things we could add to it, each a little convenience for some specific situation. The...
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    Red Factories CPP Poll

    Which is why I never buy a SAN increase - very little bang for the buck. Vs. even 70mm OBA? It's not even close.
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    VASL Freezing on LOS Check

    Yup. There was a bug in a previous version of VASL that caused problems during LOS checks. It's always a good idea for both players to upgrade to the latest version of VASL before reporting bugs.
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    Card-Driven Mechanics to the emerging new layers of ASL????

    I am developing a set of C2 rules for use with VASL games and CG. Because the use of VASL is assumed, the rules also include what I call "double-blind lite" that vastly enhances fog-of-war. The rules are by no means "done" but they are mature enough for play testing. If anyone is interested...
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    Raaco Insert 3D printed

    Did they say what type of arrangement they are willing to offer? I.e. does it include CAD design refinement, 3D prototype printing, etc?
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    Map maker guide?

    Hey Tom - while we're on the subject would you be open to updating YoB? There have been a bunch of changes to the code since V6 came out. The text files are now in XML, for example. I'd be happy to draft the requisite input. -Sully
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    Can I get a dr please?

    The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics implies there's a universe where every single ASL DR is snake-eyes. Imaging the whining about the dice-bot in that universe.
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    Final Fire - in menu please

    One of the tenants of being a good steward of VASL is to only add features that the bulk of the users find useful. Remember that every new feature has a cost in additional complexity to learn and use. Given this request hasn't come up on a somewhat regular basis indicates it's not something...
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    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    Another thought: the fact that an 8 flat shot can result in a 1KIA or nothing at all adds a whole lot of tension to playing the game, which is what keeps it exciting. Back in the day a number of people worked on "automated" versions of ASL. A fatal flaw in all of the approaches I saw was that...
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    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    Don’t forget that your bad luck is your opponents good luck. It really sucks when that 57L takes out your panther with a critical hit but it sure feels good when YOU do it. Hopefully the person across the table from you is a friend and there’s nothing wrong with a friend having a little fun at...
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    Updated KGP maps for VASL?

    I'm not sure what Jon's thinking with the small army he is suggesting. Maps are pretty much a one man show. Obviously with KGP there are 3 maps, so it would be easy to get up to three people involved. Adding contours wouldn't be that hard, but the maps have aged, so they are good candidates...