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    (C1.1) OBA - HE + Smoke

    I'm playing a scenario where I'm given 105mm OBA. It does not specifiy whether it is "HE" or "HE + Smoke". What is the default? Do I get Smoke or does it have to state that explicitly? Regards
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    Night Rules & OBA

    We're playing Edson's Ridge and I'm trying to get an AR up on the hill. I guess you could make a 'reality' argument that my troops need to illuminate the area before the Observer would be comfortable in laying down the AR. Oh well, get the starshells ready... Regards
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    Night Rules & OBA

    Does an Offboard Observer with a Pre-registered hex need LOS to the hex in order to place an AR? The rules seem to indicate that he needs LOS, but it seems odd to require it at night. Otherwise, you have to use starshells just to place an AR. Regards
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    OBA SR/FFE Height?

    Ok, I'm playing the Edson's Ridge CG and came across an OBA SR/FFE question. If the Observer/radio is on a level 4 hill hex and the SR lands in a level 0 light jungle hex and the only blocking LOS is another light jungle hex directly in front of the SR, can the Observer see the SR? I would...
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    Some very basic questions

    The Defender gets to "react" in his upcoming PFPH. At least that's the way I look at it. Regards
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    VCA change in Prep?

    Simple question, but one I've never been 100% sure of the answer. Can a vehicle change is VCA during Prep Fire and still shoot, with appropriate Case A Firer Modifiers? Regards
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    3 players

    Play "Dogs of War" if at all possible! All 3 of us had a great time. It kind of balanced itself out as the game went along. Came down to the last turn with the Russians winning. Regards