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    RO CG2

    A plea for Tom Morin to publish some scenarios on the RO map!
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Thanks for posting. I played this and had a lot of fun. My tip ... capture those Italians!
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    J161 Riding to the Rescue

    Thank you for the AAR. I just lost this badly as the British. I tried a slow push on turn 1 towards the offboard area hoping to fulfill that part of the VC. Got shot up. Routed to a nice rally point. Sniper hit that hex killing the leader, and bam the game was basically over as the brokies...
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    Elevated Road MP cost

    I have a BU AC moving into an elevated road hex. There are two wrecks in the hex, What is the MP cost? Do I have the option to use the non road rate?
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    Counter positioning DASL hexes

    Hi Playing a DASL scenario, HH maps, I'm surprised there are not positions within the hexes to place units. On our maps, seems to be the middle of the hex, and right on the hexsides. I seem to remember last time I played DASL via VASL (long time ago) there were more options for unit placement...
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    Pinned OBA Observer Question

    Just learned that an Offboard observer is not in Good Order - as he is not a Personnel unit - for purposes of OBA actions. This pertains to some points in rule C1.6
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    Creeping Barrage Question

    I agree, thank you
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    Creeping Barrage Question

    Two questions regarding the mechanics of a creeping barrage in terms of placement of the AR. It would seem the barrage just keeps rolling, not subject to "normal" issues one deals with in placing an AR. Specifically, when conducting a barrage correction do these rules apply? C1.21 (except for...
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    150mm Barrage Shellholes

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    150mm Barrage Shellholes

    Seeing that a 150mm barrage is resolved on the 24 column (ie. 1 column left per E12.5) do rolls low enough cause shellholes to be placed per B2.1? I ask due to firepower not being on the 30 IFT column due to this shift Thanks
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Planned a creeping barrage
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I won this as the Partisans easily. The Axis player does not gain VP for inflicting casualties on the Partisans - just don't get your Partisans' captured. On the flip side, the Partisans do get VP for inflicting CVP. I was able to capture Italian squads who got too close, and managed to even KIA...
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    Auto Board Updates

    Yes, the issue is gone. Thank you!
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    Auto Board Updates

    While loading a logfile from my opponent containing a 4 map file, board 70 (only) attempts to update multiple times, message returns it has successfully auto updated, then finally on the fourth try, the file loads. I have downloaded the latest bd 70 from the vasl site. After the file loads, the...
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    Cannot Create this Map

    Thank you very much! I appreciate the help.