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    ASL Tournament (in person) July 9-11

    Less than one month away! Fun ASL times in Northern Virginia. Join us July 9 - 11, 2021! More info here:
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    Human Wave 2021

    Hello ASLers - make plans to join us July 9 - 11, 2021! More info here:
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    Human Wave 2021

    I have registered! Join!
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    Scenario List for Human Wave 2020!

    Pleased to announce the 1st round scenario choice list for Human Wave 2020 (June 26-28 Tysons Corner VA): AP134 Death Takes a Toll 105 Going to Church TAC43 Massacre in Paradise SP4 Point 270 (more rounds posted soon) All levels of play welcome - you should register now. Join ASL legends JR...
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    ASL in Tampa, feb 7

    Hey! I will be in Tampa FL and am seeking a face to face game on Friday night, February 7. Any takers? Stephen
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    Human Wave 2020: June 26-28 2020

    We have 15 registrants for our Human Wave Tournament in Northern Virginia. This list includes heavy hitters JR Tracy, Gary Fortenberry, William Stoppel, and others. All levels of play welcome. Fun is guaranteed. All those reading this message should register today. Details...
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    ASL in Durham NC

    Hey, Seeking a game in Durham NC on Thursday December 5, 2019, evening. Any takers? Stephen Frum
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    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    I am banking on retirement and not a zombie apocalypse. We should get these preorders done now people!
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    Human Wave 2020, June 26-28

    Looking forward to seeing many of you at Human Wave 2020. An ASL tournament in Northern Virginia, very near DC and Maryland. Details: All levels of play welcome!
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    Durham NC, Tues 3 September

    I’ll be in Durham on Tuesday 3 September 2019 and would enjoy a game. Afternoon/evening. Message me if you are interested. Thanks, Stephen Frum
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    Human Wave 2019: June 2019 Tysons Corner

    This will be a good ASL event - you should join, even if only for one day. Register and let us know you are coming.
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    New MMP DASL pack

    Looking forward to seeing this product. More pre-orders needed. Do your part today!
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    Hill 621 at WO

    Hey! My prearranged game of Hill 621 fell through. Any takers for this on Friday at Winter Offensive? Stephen Frum
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    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    Made my pre order. Everyone should!