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    An attempt at making a fancy sig like you guys use

    I like this one: I think it's a lot better than the others. Maybe with some text and a border it'll look even better. Good job. :)
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    Guitar Hero for Wii

    That's cool, but now i don't know which console to get it on: i don't really want to end up with three different guitars. But the PS2 has Guitar Hero 1, which has a better soundtrack than 2, so i'd like that, but the 360's Guitar Hero 2 has a sweet guitar, so i'd like that too. I really hope the...
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    Is Wii still very difficult to get where you live?

    I'm afraid they won't: the Wii's region-locked. Damn you, Nintendo! I want to play Bleach Wii. I think availability's still quite bad here in the UK too: as far as i know most places are still sold out. And i bet places like GAME and Gamestation are taking preorders on their next shipments.
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    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

    Thanks for that. To be honest i only really followed the X-Men and Spiderman, and then the Fantastic Four occasionally. I vaguely remember seeing the Silver Surfer in one of the cartoons, but i think he was good in that. Meh, i'm looking forward to it anyway: the first Fantastic Four was...
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    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

    I saw the trailer for this a few days ago and was confused. Isn't the Silver Surfer supposed to be a good guy, or did i miss something?
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    The Angry Nintendo Nerd

    Haha, that never even occurred to me. :laugh: They're all rip-offs of Mario, Zelda, Wolfenstein, etc, though i doubt they were as well received. That food one... Bible Buffet was just bizzare. No bible references, random food chasing you and blowing up snowmen... er, yeah. Praise the Lord...
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    The Angry Nintendo Nerd

    He's added some new videos: YouTube - Chronologically Confused about Movie and Video Game Sequels YouTube - ROCKY on Sega Master System YouTube - BIBLE GAMES - review by the Angry Video Game Nerd The Bible Game reviews are funny, and i like the Christmas song at the start. :p
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    Nintendo Rumors

    *Crosses fingers* Please be true, please be true, please be true... And please release the whole series in the UK, not just parts. :hail:
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    Wii Sports Talk

    Tennis - Benn playing tennis a little more over the past few days: it's grown on me a lot now. Baseball Bowling Boxing Golf - i find it a little irritating when i swing and it does nothing, and when i hardly move the wiimote the ball go miles. 28, as of yesterday. :p It's showing that...
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    gettin a DS

    I wouldn't get Brain Training just yet: it's pretty cheap so you may as well get 4 other games and with any christmas money, pick it up in the sales. ;) Trauma Center's supposed to be an excellent game. So is Phoenix Wright, if you don't mind the reading. Mario Kart DS is an essential...
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    Little help?

    Ohh, those. Thanks, i'll work on it again soon. :) And i'm glad no one noticed that i had to draw in parts of Akabane's hat. :D Lengthwise, that render's a little too small. Even the edges of his arms are cut off a little. :o
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    Little help?

    Thanks for the comments guys. :D There is a border: 1px on the left and right sides and i think i did either 7 or 10 at the top and bottom, but i guess it's hard to tell because of Akabane's hat. I just didn't want to keep using 1px borders around all my sigs so i was trying something...
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    Something I did a while ago

    I like it too. May i ask what font you've used there? :) And congrats on the 1,000 posts.
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    Little help?

    Had a quick go on making a sig based on one of my favourite characters from an anime called Get Backers. I'm liking how it's turned out so far, but i'm wondering if there's anything else i should add to it (bear in mind i'm still not much more than a beginner). What do you think? :)...
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    The Angry Nintendo Nerd

    I'm watching the Nightmare on Elm Street video 'cause i could do with a laugh. "Anyway, you fight Freddy, which turns out to be a real disappointment. It's just a simple flat room and he walks back and forth, swatting the air like he's blind. C'mon Freddy." - He looks demented aswell...