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    which is the best CH product of all time?

    Is there some reason DBP doesn't get more love amongst CH products?
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    Anyone ever consider making a scenario for Operation Kingfisher?

    Yes, it's in the March Madness '09 pack (appropriately called "Cabanatuan").
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    Legitimate Scenario Titles

    Given the risk of seeing contributions turn up as names of someone else's scenarios, I'll offer a few that I've thought of, but which I think are either so specific or so terrible that the risk of someone borrowing them is minimal. All of these are for actual battles that I've researched for...
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    Board 25e

    A little bird told me once upon a time in a PM that exact thing was in the works to be included with the overlay bundle, but that was years ago, so I don't know if that plan still holds.
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    Should MMP pursue ASL designs out of the 9/1/39-9/1/45 WW2 Time frame?

    "What are we? Chopped liver?" ask the Greeks. ;)
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    New MMP Web Site

    Right, MMP does do e-mail updates, but it's absurd to not also make the same information available on the website, which MMP in fact used to do -- they would link the e-mail newsletters to the "News" page on the official website, but they haven't done that since last October.
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    New MMP Web Site

    I'm just going to put in a plea that MMP update the website -- the most recent entry on the news page is from November 25 last year and the "Production Schedule" hasn't been updated to even reflect products that have actually shipped since October 2016.
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    For King and Country?

    Question -- are the ridiculous prices just asking or actually selling? Asking for a friend who has an extra copy and needs to pay for a couple GMT COIN-series preorders.
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    The summer of 100K

    Thanks! Work has been crazy lately and I got sidetracked with some other things.
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    Which of these will be most likely published next?

    A change in contents doesn't automatically result in a name change -- for example, Yanks wasn't renamed when the Paratrooper contents were added -- and the planned changes to Hollow Legions seems much more like the changes from Yanks to Yanks 2 than the consolidation of CoB/GH.
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    The summer of 100K

    That would make sense if there were so many playings for a scenario that we could be confident errors/omissions were distributed roughly equally between players reporting on each side, but that's not the case for a lot of scenarios. Also, errors/omissions are probably not randomly distributed...
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    Supplemental map pack

    I ordered it for the same reason I ordered the original map bundle despite owning all the boards in the original products -- because I want a complete set of maps that I just keep in my travel kit (which also gives a back-up in case of damage/loss of a board).
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    Arab-Israeli ASL

    If I was doing a master's degree or Ph.D in psychology, I think it would be an interesting exercise to explore the mental block many ASLers have against applying the system outside of WW2 strictly defined. While it's often rationalized by reference to the rules, it's not objectively justifiable...
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    Which of these will be most likely published next?

    Why do you think FKaC will be reprinted before the others? CdG, AoO, and DB have all been out of print longer (much longer in the case of CdG).
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    Which of these will be most likely published next?

    While MMP is free to do what they want with the name, I'm guessing they aren't going to change the name of HL because the revisions to it are not as material a change as combining CoB/GH. (The name change from WoA to FKaC was kind of required due to dropping the desert rules from it.)