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    Overstacking in CC

    I am old-time ASL guy returning to the game and I am reviewing my rusty infantry tactics and rule knowledge by solo-playing through the Guards Counterattack. I would humbly appreciate any rule clarification concerning overstacking in close combat that the forum may offer. As a brief...
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    Basic Tactics Links

    Thanks Reep and Tuomo... ...for going easy on me. DOH! I realized later that "guard" could also mean prison guard or the same ilk. And it's true, in the index there are two references. Too lazy I guess. I've always been told I have a big mouth -- thankfully I have the feet to match.
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    Basic Tactics Links

    Big thanks on the post Ben -- great information!! I noticed something reviewing the above walkthrough from [The Guards Counterattack]. The article may be somewhat dated since the author uses the 6-2-8s in the westernmost building as an example of a Human Wave attack (which I thoroughly...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    INTRODUCING...yet another noo-old-bie Twenty five years...twenty five long years. I got hooked on Squad Leader in high school. I even bought the ASL rulebook, just the rulebook mind you, when it first came out and loved it so much that used the SL counters to try out the rules until I could...