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    SAN Question...

    Hello Gents, I had a question. Now, I know this is an elementary question, but I thought I'd throw it on here just so I can have an official answer from the "grognards", if you will. :-) The problem I have is that I rarely get to play face to face with anyone, so most of my playing time is...
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    Re: German names of vehicles

    Thanks everybody for the help. Now I can actually talk about German armor without pointing and saying "that one". :-)
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    Re: German names of vehicles

    I have a question primarily dealing with German armor. Is there a site somewhere or some other resource I can use to learn how to properly pronounce the names of some of these vehicles. Some of them are easy: such as PzKpfw and StuG. But, for instance, how do you begin to pronounce Jagdpanzer...
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    Deployment question

    This isn't really a rules question. Just a general question concerning the idea behind a certain rule. A2.9 states that you can only deploy 10% of your squads during setup without Leader TC's. My question is why is that so? I would think, especially for a defense, that the leaders would have...
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    An oddball question about scenarios

    Yeah, that's exactly what I was talking about. It sounds really interesting. Do you by any chance have any material from that? I'd like to take a look if I could. Thanks
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    An oddball question about scenarios

    I have a question that I was really curious about. Obviously, most people enjoy the idea behind actually being able to observe situations that occur in actual battles during the war. I was wondering if anybody ever just sat down and came up with any hypothetical scenarios just to see how they...
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    A13 Cavalry Question

    Ok, here's a situation that came up last night and I wanted to clarify. My opponent was using a 1st Edition ASLRB and I had a 2nd. In 1st edition, he stated that in 13.3, cavalry (while on horse.....of course) isn't supposed to be able to advance. However, in the 2nd book, there's no such...
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    B26.4 Wire movement

    Thanks, Tankdawg. That's what I was thinking but I wanted to hear from others on what they thought. I do appreciate it. :)
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    B26.4 Wire movement

    Ok, this is a simple question just to clarify something. In B26.4, it states that in order to move underneath a Wire counter, a dr must be made to determine how many MF it costs for the action. Then it states that if the dr is larger than the available MF to the unit that the unit is instead...
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    Quick general question

    Due to the fact that a lot of ASL stuff is hard to come by, I tend to obtain a lot of it off of Ebay (Don't worry though, I refuse to buy anything photo-copied and try as hard as I can to stop that). Anyway, here's my question. I recently came across an auction for something called "Soldiers of...
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    Should there be a forum for "Looking for a Game" m

    I think it'd be great. Just found an opponent who lived in my town I never knew existed. And that's shameful seems how I have TWO other people I can play against and that's because I had to get them interested myself.
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    ASL Play Aids

    I tried to get both of those but the links are dead... :shock:
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    Counter storage

    I'm sure I'll get shot by the Plano purists on here, but I tend to find them cumbersome. I've tried storing all my counters in them but it gets too bulky. The system I use is small plastic bags labeled with the Squads and their HS, along with a seperate bag for Leaders, Crew, and Heroes and then...
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    Re: Wall Advantage

    Thanks all who replied. WA makes a lot more sense now. It's funny how an easy concept can be overlooked like that. By the way, mglouie, I am in fact reading from the 2nd edition. Thanks again for the help and if I have any more questions, I'll be sure to ask here.