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  • "You are far from logical and surely lack simple critical thinking skills. And I mock you because you aren't worth the effort of taking seriously."

    for this and many other posts - snicker
    "And I never claimed to keep you safe, I said make the world a safer place. Your own personal safety is an individual responsibility. No one can catch them all, but we endeavor to. Excuse me while I go read your email. I find your paranoia entertaining. Enjoy your day Ms. Little. -- jim"

    "Well I know how to spell "only" and "benefit" so that puts me ahead of you ;) -- jim"

    making fun of KED's 2nd grade edumacation - priceless
    "And you know this how? Do you have personal knowledge of this or are you making this up whole cloth? -- jim"

    "Given all their gay references, maybe one spurned the other or maybe they had a bi-curious moment and now they have to hate on each other lest they end up in each other's bed again."

    "I have more in common with Morbii than I do with you, that's for sure. He is mentally sound for one thing."

    "You reap what you sew. And you sew hate in spades."

    Well done. Always thought of you as a stand-up fellow, anyway. Despite it being "sow" :)
    "You don't sound like someone whose knickers aren't in a twist. You sound like an irrational fear monger whose afraid of his own shadow."

    "...I stared down a bunch of UAW workers and told them I won't do it either"

    "I don't paint Christians with pejorative. I paint those who would try to force their morality on me as Taliban light.

    I have repeatedly called out those who would limit gun ownership several times over. -- jim"

    "I shorted on Monday in anticipation of an Obama win. I cashed out on Wed, up a tidy $11,000. Who says politics don't pay. :) -- jim"

    :clap: Send some of that down here, you damn 1%! :angry:
    Since I've been dismissed from the thread, I'll answer you here. I quite like Michael Moore, though I haven't seen all of his films. But it doesn't surprise or bug me to hear that people don't like him, and if I found you didn't, I wouldn't accuse you of weightism or reverse-racism or whatever other prejudice might be appropriate. He's a bomb-thrower who plays fast and loose, and there are (I'm sure) many rational reasons to dislike him.
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