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    ? and off-board setup

    Yeah, the "slowing down" part isn't going so well. Neither are my crafty-crafty deceptions. I think I need a remedial course on Defense.
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    ? and off-board setup

    JR, as usual, thanks for the comprehensive reply. I would like clarification on the part above, though. So, in statement (2), you mean to say you can put two (or more) ? under an unconcealed unit. But you cannot then add a free-? on top. I guess the idea would be that you can better "fake"...
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    ? and off-board setup

    This is such an elementary question, but we seem to debate this every single game. Defense has a 18 concealment markers. Attacker sets up off-board for turn 1. In the game setup phase, which scenario is correct? Scenario A (I'm pretty sure this is wrong, and way too generous to the...
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    Is there such a thing as a Public Copyright?

    Completely free = Public Domain However, you completely give up all rights to the work. (So if someone else decides to sell your work as their own, you'll have no recourse). You may want to look at: and
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    Dummy/Concealment ML 7?

    This is a bit hard to find in the RB, since it's probably nestled into paragraphs of where the rule is actually applicable, but my buddy and I were wondering why the ? counter has a ML 7 on it? What are the cases where this is used? I think we mostly understand the concealment rules for...
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    Bypassing Resid & a few odd questions

    My buddies and I need a bit of clarification of some things that for whatever reason are not obvious to us from the rulebook: 1) When using Bypass to skirt a building, and there is resid in the hex that shares the hex-side you're walking, do you take the resid? (We think yes, because Resid...
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    AAR from ManClub: ASL1 - Fighting Withdrawl(sic)

    [tl;dr - Second full ASL game; having a great time.] So, R and I had a few hours to dive into ASL on Wednesday night. We looked in BV and Paratrooper for a short and...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Friends and I just started ASL. StarterKit #3. Played a few scenarios. So far, really enjoying infantry and really confused by armor. Looking to move on to Full ASL soon, but are games are too long as they are (4hrs for S1). Also, listening to the 2HalfSquads from the beginning. Even have...