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    "Temporarily Out of Stock" versus "Out of Print"

    It mean you don’t can’t get it.
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    Why do the Republicans support Child Molesters, women beaters and nazis?

    Mr. Weir. Your posts are dreadfully long and boring. Try cutting things down. Make your points quickly.
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    False Alarm in Hawaii

    The haoles had this figured out toot sweet.
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    Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)

    I have an iPhone with a "News" utility. I choose the news outlets I'm interested in hearing from and don't choose the ones I don't. No CNN - I can get that on cable. It's hard to imagine getting an unwanted feed. I'm no wiz but this seems like a problem that should be easy to solve.
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    Books: What are you currently reading?

    My uncle collected books like these.
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    Books: What are you currently reading?

    Generations have read this so that you don't have to. But if you have new insights let us know.
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    Uranium One Deal

    All of Mr. Weir's posts are too long.
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    Mass shooting in Las Vegas may be deadliest in US history

    When my daughter went through Annapolis they had them shoot pistol and rifle for medals. She had never shot a firearm in her life. She shot expert on both weapons and got her medals.
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    Russian Military Parade ( May 9th )

    Pussy Riot could do some good if they would figure out which side they were on.
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    Watch out for the "Super Mighty Preemptive strike" from North Korea

    Let's just keep it simple. It's still the Democrats who are the real racists.
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    Anything to do in Cleveland in October?

    Sokolowski's University Inn. Best Polish food on earth.
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    attack on Westminster

    You think physics grads are weird and you play war games?
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    Cool Physics stuff thread

    Standing waves.
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    Rogue One

    I read that it was just a politically correct Hollywood space opera. And in the previews Felicity Jones has clothes on. What's with that.
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    Castro is dead

    It's not Tiawan. Try Tiawana. And it's in Mexico, not China.