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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Wazappinin Dudes? Paul Hardcastle - Cloud Watching Best wishes, Steve
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    Eli Wallach has died

    It is sad to hear of the passing of one of the greats. RIP Eli. Best wishes, Steve
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    Game of Thrones is so overrated

    The honest trailer of Game of Thrones:- Best wishes, Steve
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    New scenario posted in download section - The Battle of Waterloo

    Mark, Oooo... thank you. Downloading now. Map Scale? 50m? Merry Christmas. Best wishes, Steve
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    EA by turn 288

    Secadegas, I only asked because Veers posted EA 2012 should be played with both ON and I wondered if you had tried it.. Not a great fan of New Turn Rules myself. Thanks for the info. Best wishes, Steve
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    EA by turn 288

    Secadegas, Have you played a game with New Turn Rules ON? If so, how did it go? Best wishes, Steve
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    The New XBox is a Joke

    I can't help thinking that accountants and lawyers design terrible games, gaming systems, and media events. Best wishes, Steve
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Yes - Close to the Edge Best wishes, Steve
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Seelenzorn - was du traumst Best wishes, Steve
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    Bug or Feature ?

    Feature. IIRC it was documented behaviour in the TOAW 2 manual although I haven't checked if it is in the TOAW III manual.
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    English Civil War 1642-6 scenario added to download section

    Mark, I don't know why you think that it would be of "very limited appeal". I love these scenarios. My mate and I are about to finish up playing Wars of Religion and I can tell you we have been having a lot of fun with it. Please, don't ever think that your scenarios (other the EA) have no...
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    Ea 2012

    Bloody Hell! First Veers and now Mantis. Once grabbed by TOAW it will never let go. Nice to see you here again. Hope you are keeping well Best wishes, Steve
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    Supply in EA 2012A

    Veers, It's probably just as well that you are not back otherwise you would run the risk of getting seriously pumped up. :) Not qualified to comment on EA but I can't see any obvious problems with the scheme. The God among Men will be along shortly with the definitive response. It...
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    France1940 V:1.0 for test

    Soloje, Thanks for that. I look forward to trying it out. Best wishes, Steve
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    EA balance under 3.4

    Mark, Several chickens around here are looking most relieved... :) Best wishes, Steve