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    Second Manassas AAR

    CWBS is a great system. Also check out Keith
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    Second Manassas AAR

    Great AAR, nice to see CWB stuff. Hope to see more, Keith
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    What would you Pay ?

    I would think that HOB's Kampfruppen Commander system would be better way to do something like this. It would limit the maps and counters used at one time but at the same time portray the island battle as a whole. Otherwise I would have no interest in this HASL due to space limits for one...
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    Side note, be sure to check Nationality restrictions on deployment. Keith
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    Poll: what will happen first?

    BUt, but, Curt does not play ASL anymore :OHNO:
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    Rookie of the Year nominations

    What about George from Canada? I am not sure which pack he released this year. Keith
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    AT guns and how it works form a newbie

    And one little side note, if you fire non area (Infantry Target Type) at the concealed unit you cannot acquire with a miss shot. If you fire area you can area acq. Keith
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    Rookie of the Year nominations

    Fanatic Enterprises Leningrad Pack Keith
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    HoB Boards

    Any hints to what product? :D Keith
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    Looking for VASL Game

    Update Bob, If you are still looking I will play a PBEM game with you. Keith 12-1-04 Update Bob, I have seen you login since my post, so I am assuming your docket did get filled. If not, feel free to contact me after the holidays. Keith
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    Edison's Ridge CG

    I tend to agree with Jeff's last post. Unless you have played this CG, be careful what you say. As the Americans in this CG. already a very successful attack on my positions by the Japanese was curtailed and saved my arse for that CG day. The shorter the CG day the more dramatic the CG gets...
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    New Kind Of Urban Geo-maps

    It does matter whether we like them, as in whether they will be used. Mark, you have it somewhere that MMP as officially announced that z and y are official ASL maps? Keith (remember ASLSK is not ASL)
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    ASL Scenario Hall of Fame

    Good point! And I am going to add that the amount of official scenarios that are re-do's of previously non-official published is increasing. Keith
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    Looking for photo archives

    Have you tried? Keith
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    Looking for photo archives

    Great sites, Don. Especially the armor art. Keith