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    Directed here by my clan mates

    Welcome! As far as your question.....try going directly to strategyzoneonline's main page, I *think* they might have a sections telling what the different games are. Or just post a thread in each of the subforums, or ask someone who is active there.
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    socom and call of duty

    This is the Civil War Battles folder...if I'm not mistaken, SOCOOM and CoD are FPS shooters? If so, try posting in the "First Person Shooters and Simulations" folder. (Go to the main page of these forums, and you'll see it.) :)
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    Welcome! :salute: One word of advice: Stay away from Dr. Sinister, if you value your life! *sounds of unfortunate individuals being devoured by cloned dinosaurs in background*
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    AAR: Gatekeeper (from the HC Demo)

    Thanks, guys! Yeah, well, why do you think my name was not given? :devious: :devious: :devious:
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    AAR: Gatekeeper (from the HC Demo)

    My first AAR! :halo: ************************************************************** "Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!" I rolled over in bed, and grabbed my phone. "Hello?" "This is Rear Admiral Phillip Stevenson from the Joint Tactical Atlantic Fleet Command. Is this [name ommitted for...
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    AAR: Crisis in the Med [Spoiler Alert]

    Or, maybe Herman Hum is just really, really, good! :D (OK, I'll be quiet. :hush: Don't want to start a war. :nervous: )
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    AAR: Franco's Folly [Spoiler Alert]

    That's OK. People respect those who keep their word. :) Just a comment...if an AAR was done in a slightly different manner than intended (e.g. settings were changed), maybe the author could put AAR: NAME (Modified) or something, and everyone would be happy. Personally, I like...
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    Harpoon Scenario Design Site

    :laugh: I love the name!
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    Blue - Tourney Rd 1 - Against Rob C.

    ^Spoken from experience. :halo:
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    Please, Gents! I am now reconsidering whether or not I will buy Harpoon after all.... :o
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    '2020 points over 100 000 USA vs Ge AAR

    *silence fills the air* [Me:]What did you say? :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
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    AAR: World War III (Spoiler Alert)

    That clinches it - I am going to buy Harpoon! (In a few months. :) )
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    AAR - Korea 2005

    Hello? Are you guys out there? Is anybody listening? :OHNO: :nervous:
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    AAR - Korea 2005

    Are you guys going to finish this? Or is the game over? :cry: I was enjoying reading this AAR, as US/SK vs. DPRK/China is one of my favorite scenarios.
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    CPX Fester Wille 22 Jan 2005

    If you had read the "MBX/Tournament" thread, you would've seen that I was offering my services as a spy... :D