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    ASL Bell Tolls

    Yes, please! That was absolutely the most hilarious moment in 20+ years of Winter Offensives. I grew up in Long Island, and every time Gary barked it was like a time capsule from my youth was opened. The hobby is richer from his playtest contributions, and the tournament scene was more...
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    Festung Budapest design question

    True...but given the heavy dose of SSRs it wasn't obvious where the "enough is enough" line should be.
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    Festung Budapest design question

    Klas is correct (as usual). This was a concession to avoid further complexity.
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    VBM Entry on a half hex?

    Hi, Larry. No...A2.6 explicitly uses it to enable exiting via bypass. However, it does not mention entry. I suspect this was an oversight. I recommend that A2.6 be expanded to include entry. It is a simple solution that does not contradict any rules or create other headaches. Using any...
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    VBM Entry on a half hex?

    Fair enough, but I think this is easily solved by expanding the A2.6 "mirror image" rule to include board entry.
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    VBM Entry on a half hex?

    I agree with Bob & Tuomo: Yes, Yes, and Yes. None of this contradicts D2.32. The CAFP, not where the counter is placed, is what matters. I would argue that the vertex exists at the point at which the hex grid meets the edge of the mapboard, regardless of how well/poorly the map was cut. I...
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    Tournament: Festung Budapest, 13-15 May, 2022

    Where in Sweden will this be held?
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    My year 2021 in ASL

    This made my day...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    There's a group of players in North Carolina who are experts in this scenario, and the Hungarians are their preferred side. Glad you enjoyed it!
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    This is a really good and enjoyable scenario. Challenging for both sides.
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    Hidden Gem Scenarios

    O14 Wiking Horde. That one is a hoot. Played it twice; great fun both times. Cheers, Sean
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    DN10 Finale: Onhaye - German Turn 1 entry instruction?

    May each German reinforcement group entering on Turn 1 use multiple entry roads (it reads "on/adjacent to any east-edge road hex"), or must each group select a single road to enter on/adjacent to? The absence of the word "one" (such as "on/adjacent to any one east-edge road hex") indicates they...
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    ROAR Future

    First...a hearty shout out to JR and everyone else who has contributed valuable resources to our hobby (ROAR, VASL, ASL Players Ratings, AREA, VASL, ASL Armory, Desperation Morale website, VASL, Klass with Klas, and many more I can't think of at the moment). Bravo Zulu. Regarding a lack of...
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    AAR - Oh, Joy! - RB11

    I played this three times in years past; all three were German victories. I thought it was balanced (enough), and enjoyable.
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    Battle Harden during MPh...extra MF?

    If an Inexperienced Unit battle hardens during the MPh, does it get its 4th MF back for use during that move?