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    ASL Estate Stuff

    My estate plan is simple, statistically my 6 year younger brother will still be alive and have to deal with it all!
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    Rowhouse Control - lost by Infiltration?

    I agree wholeheartedly and than we start having reality arguments, but Jim's case is a 40m sprint and the rowhouse is a meter thick wall that you go around... but what if the doors are at extreme ends of the hexes of the rowhouse :-)
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    ASLOK XXXVIII - October 6th thru 13th, 2024

    No they are a cheating elitist cult!
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    ASLOK XXXVIII - October 6th thru 13th, 2024

    As if anyone would root for a team named after a COLOR!!!!!
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    ASLOK XXXVIII - October 6th thru 13th, 2024

    Looks like I will be missing again after making a return last year. I will be in Vegas watching my Steelers play the Raiders
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    Mines, rubble, building question

    I didn't like Perry's answer either because if you MOVE into the hex you can exit to another building hex w/o attack, but if you attempt to CLEAR when you enter you can't? I thought that allowing the CLEAR ENTER unit to move into another building hex w/o attack just made mines in a building hex...
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    Minefield and Trail Breaks in (or around) a Building Hex

    We had this discussion in a Manila thread and the seemingly concensus answer is you can't leave the building hex (I47) without taking a mine attack, even into I48.... I think it's BS :-) but that seemed to be the group think as the rules are written.
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    KGS2 Their Fate Sealed A-T SET DC question.

    The Deluxe Scenario Mayhem in Manila suffers from the same issue, just never use the road.
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    Black Friday avoidance project.

    Gary, how much do you anticipate it will weigh when loaded? I would love to have something like that for home but for travel seems heavy maybe?
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    Manila questions

    I appreciate the thanks, I got a lot of nice face to face feedback at ASLOK this year, but I've gotten a bad taste in my mouth these last few days. Really appreciate it. And I agree with the last statement as well.
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    Manila questions

    We are also enjoying it for the most part. My comment to someone else the other day was the rules were not as "tight" as I would have liked, hence the questions. We had the same experience with LFT, Hatten, and Dinant (our recent play). Those designers never chastised me for asking questions...
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    Manila questions

    @ASLSARGE Since YOU dragged me into this I'll give you my last response as well. I like the concept, I respect the time you put into this (something I would never do myself) kudos to you. Are some of the rules a bit tough for ME to decipher? Yes they are. I'm sorry that my mind does not operate...
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    AP18 goodies?

    Again, drag your sorry ass back to the Midwest and find out exactly what goes on!!
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    AP18 goodies?

    After having returned after 5 years I feel comfortable saying this... Tom I guess you just have to be there! :-)
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    Dennis boys trip to Manila #2 (Let's try SF CG3)

    Be careful what you wish for! The knife to the heart is the fact that Bret STILL makes Neil's ASLOK badge say "The Good Dennis"....