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    Someone enjoying the Red Factories module!

    The no backrest would kill most of us old ASLers....
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    Bypass of Obstacle at crestline

    Yes you can bypass H3, and yes you must go UP to do it. So 2,1,1 to get to H5
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    The Hero Game

    We did this once at ASLOK on the RB map! Tons of fun.
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    Hill colors for a unique situation

    Nope, just use standard colors if level 0 is in play anywhere on the map. Don't confuse me in my old age.
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    Setup within 4 hexes of XXX...

    Actually a definition I found of within does imply [0,4]
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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    Always! I just need to put a deadline on my drinking so I can drive home!
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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    I'm thinking of coming in just for the picnic, Neil's out but I'm thinking about it.
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    Setup within 4 hexes of XXX...

    I've always used Klas' interpretation using range
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    Setup within 4 hexes of XXX...

    Having a brain fart.... when you see a setup instruction like "Setup within 4 hexes of a hex" do you count that hex as 1? Exact example, "Setup within 4 hexes of 1M5" Can I setup in 1M1? 1M9? My rather slow thinking today is 1M1 is within 4 hexes of 1M5 (1M2 = 1, 1M3 = 2, 1M4 = 3, 1Mg = 4)
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    So - how have the dice crushed you recently?

    I may be mistaken but the broken 346 cannot withdraw from the CC (only from Melee, meaning next turn)
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    Placed DC vs Concealed

    We always put a ? on top of the DC (or a CX as applicable) as a remember aid
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    Placed DC vs Concealed

    Never ever seen it played that way. Always seen it that the concealed guy must maintain concealment until the DC is actually placed (at the end of MF expenditure)
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    Exiting Shellholes

    The key fact that I overlooked in my early days... shellholes are not entrenchments
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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    I do not have any vacation days left due to a long December vacation but Ginnard is trying to talk me into driving in for the picnic!
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    Green Hell of Inor CG III (Dennis Brothers)

    We are still playing this, real life has gotten in the way. Brief summary, we are on French T4 and the German attack into the village is pretty much repulsed. He used my smoke against me, so I dropped another OBA smoke to withdraw and started too and he rolled gusts in his T4... so now my...