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    CoD players

    Uhh, isn't the 5thacg around for this exact reason?
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    Game Spy finaily reviewed Hearts of Iron

    They also didn't mention the various glitches if the game is unpatched, my favorite is that you can only load multiplayer games 1 out of 4 tries :D
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    You are gonna think I am a moron.

    That may have just been OFP, I've "teleported" through walls before in single player...
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    BF1942 vs AA vs FSWvs MOH?

    Or even better, why not Battlefield Vietnam? Good graphics and gameplay with modern-ish vehicles.
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    You are gonna think I am a moron.

    Really? I've played in servers that ban if your ping goes over 250
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    Recommendations for a Civil War Strategy Game

    Well, I'm currently looking at "Robert E. Lee CIVIL WAR General" by Sierra... I think it was made around '93 (it's recommended install size is 2 megs) It's an okay tbs game.
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    Coolest/funniest stunt

    shooting down a plane from a defgun on midway.
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    The Best South Park Episode Yet!

    I wish I would've seen that south park, it sounded great. I did catch the first half or so of drawn together, hilarious.
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    Brian King...Anyone What the Hell Is This?

    I got that once too.
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    pics of people here.

    Hey yah, that's THE bike path. Our running team does all of its workouts during the summer and cross country season on it.
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    pics of people here.

    Ha, you think THAT is a bad running picture... it's me in front.
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    pics of people here.

    Everyone else hanging around are our lackies. They do our bidding. :devil:
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    ACG Diplomacy, Game 2, Official Results and Press.

    Umm, where did that french fleet in the english channel come from?
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    Redundancy in forums

    I think that the forums are fine the way they are. It seems to me that Warfare HG is mainly concerned with more or less historically accurate wargames as apposed to rogue infantry taking about whole platoons because they have good reaction times.
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    Superpower 2

    Super Power 2 is also supposed to have multiplayer is it not? That's one of the main reaons I'm getting it, let's see if Iran and Iraq can conquer the world...