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    Killing an Innocent or Executing an Insurgent? Go there, read the petition, and decide if you want to sign it. View the signatures, if you want. :flag:
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    Teaching in England, its Scary, if your the student.

    What's up with England? Teachers telling students the Earth is on collision course with a Death dealing Asteroid and Another Wanting to teach "pole" Dancing to childern over 12. What exactly are the requirements to be a teacher in the United Kingdom? It was either start the thread here or in...
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    Killing an Innocent or Executing an Insurgent?

    Don Maddox, Thanks for the link to read and ponder. That last paragraph really says it all (for me). Thomas Sowell sure hit it the nail on the head. :toast: :flag:
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    Killing an Innocent or Executing an Insurgent?

    Everyone has a point of view. 2 men 2 dreams a nightmare 1 dead 1 alive survival world watches world struggles no answer
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    Jedi Academy opens in Romania

    Star Wars sure has gotten around. Wonder when the online Academy opens? :cool: I have a nagging feeling Dr. Sinister is somehow behind this. Romania = Secret Base :hush:
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    German forces enact 'revolutionary' rules

    Sometime ago there was discussion about the German military allowing "sex" in the barracks. Well they seem to have expanded on that idea. :surprise: :o
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    Killing an Innocent or Executing an Insurgent?

    This article was found on yahoo. It may not be the latest news but its here to read. I'll just say IMHO, the Marine is innocent until proven guilty. The rules of war exsist to minimize such alleged incidents, yet life or death dominates the battlefield. Actions that have been committed by...
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    Montypythonrules's Quizzes

    There seems to be enough people who have seen Monty Python to share these quizzes with you all. Feel free to share your results. :toast:
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    Your IQ and your vote.

    hahaha following those links at the bottom of page lead me to this... Which refers to the 1st post of this thread. clicking those links leads to many other pages of stats. So if you got the time and motivation you can track down the average IQ of the...
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    Black Soldiers’ Legacy of Sacrifice and Valor

    An article to add. :D mine... Infantrymen don't care about the color of a man's skin. We all bleed the same color. Its all about trust. You earn it or you don't. If you don't Top's got a detail for ya, and on detail you will be, until you leave. No room for slackers. And they come in...
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    Great "Last Stands"

    The Siege of Constantinople in 1453. To me one of the all time greatest last stands in history. :violin:
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    Your choice of sites to get info from to share is interesting. The fact that you found an article that is newsworthy to you is great. There are just to many UFO stories on this site, for me to sift through to find a good article to read. :nuts: If you have the time "keep looking to the...
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    For all those who want to negotiate with terrorists

    Richa333 said, I'm sure there is more info out there about Dutch efforts outside of the Netherlands. Here is some info. RED ALERT! WARNING, proceed to the following site with extreme caution. Its title should help prepare you to what you...
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    Half of America is Wrong

    Kraut, Your response to the one quote is interesting. If i read this right you have substituded the word "Enemy" with "Iraqis". Somehow you believe the enemy are iraqi people? Know your enemy. I'm gonna give you the complete quote so ya don't get it wrong cutting and pasteing it. For an...
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    Half of America is Wrong

    OK, this got my blood pressure to rise and motivated me to shoulder in and respond. Please bear with me as i explain why i know your statement comes from ignorance. But lucky for you we can correct this. Nothing personnel, just bringing to the table some facts that may have been missed...