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    BFP-36 Wannan Incident

    link works great. Good insight in to this scenario and a good AAR!
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    CH Annual #4

    did not see any mention of it in this weekend's CH mailer.
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    BFP-36 Wannan Incident

    Had a great time playing this scenario yesterday. My opponent as the CCP took the win by judicious delaying action balanced by selected CC counterattacks. I thought I was pretty aggressive with my attacking troops but in retrospect I probably needed to be more bold early on to meet the tight...
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    BFP-36 Wannan Incident

    Getting read to play this all infantry Chinese (KMT) vs CCP scenario from Blood&Jungle. ROAR has it 10 CCP wins vs a single Chinese victory. What gives? Anyone that has played this one care to offer some insights? It is fought over two of the most dense terrain boards, 36 and 47, so it looks...
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    Just Making Sure ...

    I know all the active ASL players in the Tidewater area of Virginia (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, etc.). Recently discovered a local gamer about 5 miles from my house who has been playing solitaire for 20 years after his regular opponent moved away and he never connected with a larger group! If...
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    Winter Offensive

    No problem Perry - thanks for hosting and running such a quality convention. Pretty incredible having Bill C. win three in a row - ASLOK, Albany and now WO overcoming some serious, stiff competition at each event.
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    Winter Offensive

    From MMP's Facebook Page a few minutes ago: Winter Offensive 2018 150 Offenders ASL Champ Bill Cirillo 6-0 2nd Place Nathan Stapf 5-1 3rd Place Jim Mehl 4.5-0 Mini Tournament Winners: Damon Norton Scott Blanton J.R. Tracy Maurizio Grassi GCACW tournament results elsewhere. ;) Bill beat...
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    Differences between ATS and ASLComp Maps

    Are the ATS and ASLComp maps for the various equivalent modules the same but just different rules and counters? I am looking to get the Omaha East and West Monster map sets and the ATS version is significantly cheaper to purchase. Can I get the ATS version for my ASLComp play? I have the...
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    How much discount does the code provide on an order from CH?
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    Tried to order and this showed as out of date. Is there a later code?
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    Flames in Hatten at Winter Offensive

    Will the Hatten HASL have the same large hex sized map (please say yes!)?
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    Wanted Help finding PanzerBlitz counters

    An excellent time!