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    Leaders combine to form a half squad?

    Just reading rules on capturing AFV and it's possible you are thinking of two SMC being the equivalent of a hs for manning a captured AFV (A21.22)
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    Inherent hindrance and hills

    Crest line is in the wrong spot--I don't think higher crest lines are supposed to be in hexes with a lower center, e.g. that crest line in H10 should be in H9 and I10. It turns it into a 'use your judgement because technically if the crest line is in H10, it plateaus I10 WRT G10. but I'm not...
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    MG ROF when firing at an AVF

    So tired of people telling me I can't do this. Nasty little tactic to keep you from cowering on the FL shot. And you'll still have one first fire from your squad for reaction fire, or for follow up infantry if the AFV decides not to enter your hex. Great tip Jazz.
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    Errata?Q&A One Stop Shop

    Hey folks, I'm updating my pocket size rulebook to reflect the most recent errata and wanted to make sure that I have correctly identified the errata as the items listed on the MMP website (as 2nd edition errata) along with the debriefing from Journals 11 and 12. What, if anything, have I missed...
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    ASL Assist website.

    Thank you for creating this resource, Kai. Now I'll just have my iPad mini and my pocket rule book in the play kit. Well done.