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    Entire Star Wars The Clone Wars series out on Netflix including the episodes from S6

    Re: Entire Star Wars The Clone Wars series out on Netflix including the episodes from Really enjoyed watching this on Teletoon with my son. Hopefully this season will make it there, otherwise we'll have to wait for the DVDs.
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    Two Korean films of note at Blockbuster "My Way" and "The Front Line"

    If you have seen it, how do the movies compare to Tae Guk Gi?
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    The Hobbit

    May all the hair fall off your feet.
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    US Olympic team uniforms scandal

    Personally, I hate hockey. But I do so look forward to our men's and women's eights scuttling the Yank and Limey crews on the water Wednesday and Thursday morning. Hopefully the Yank and Limey rowers won't catch any crabs, or end up coxless!
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    The Walking Dead — Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

    Re: Uneeda Medical Supplies Jammy English wot-sits. They don't get Walking Dead so they do this instead Walking Dead spoiler follows: Really enjoyed the finale, and I kept yelling "C'mon Michonne, save Andrea!" and she did.
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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    Re: King and Queen of Mila 18 No foul done, the man isn't naked; he's wearing fur.
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    The Hobbit

    I was born on the same day as Richard Armitage (Thorin), in the same city. If he was born in Leicester Hospital, I am a changeling.
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    The Walking Dead — Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

    For anyone who missed the first episode of season 2: I really like how AMC does all of it's shows' stories in an arc over a season, and the quality of actors in all the shows I've watched. (Anyone else notice that...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Don't worry, you'll get him back. We're considering reporting him as an illegal immigrant; if he continues to run amok through the Toronto ASL scene.
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    Val Kilmer owes $500,000.00 in back taxes

    Maybe Kilmer and Wesley Snipes will be able to collaborate and make a movie together soon.