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    VFTT114 Out

    Yep, he’s a gentleman, bought me a beer as well as I also lost to him in my only defeat 7-1 overall (8-1 if you include a friendly against Craig Benn)
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    OK - who has played this?

    Played part of it 25 years ago. If I recall it had rules for German Jerry cans and evaporation of water and fuel. Now that is detail!
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    Bounding Fire Blackpool - November 18th-21st 2021

    Hope your feeling well Martin
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    BFF 2021 (Blackpool) Tournament AAR

    'Aggressive Reaction' was probably the best scenario i played over the tournament. I played against Joe Arthur in this one in the final of the PTO Mini on Sunday. I took the Japanese in this one and ended up being an extremely close game, going down to the last turn. I had a couple of japanese...
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    Bounding Fire Blackpool - November 18th-21st 2021

    Click on home then Covid
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    Bounding Fire Blackpool - November 18th-21st 2021

    You can look but don’t touch 🤓
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    Medium sized river crossing scenarios

    Joe, I'm being Craig's bitch and playing him
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    Bounding Fire Blackpool Trophy

    Looks fantastic and detail is excellent. Well done. Just hope I play well enough to have a chance of winning it 🤪
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    Medium sized river crossing scenarios

    FT189 Serverneya Serenade. Just sent you a message on What’s app 😀
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    Finn Project

    Where have I heard this quote before 😂
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    Finn Project

    Which ones Martin 🤪
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    Inor 2

    SSR 3 states that French 458/248 broken morale is one higher than printed. Does this mean if using the ‘coloniale’ counters supplied in the module that the broken morale is now a ‘9’?
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    Trouble deleting ? Counters

    Yes, it’s me that had caused Paul his concealment issues. I have set up a number of VASL scenarios that are ready ‘to go’ and in the OOB have pulled concealment counters for both sides. In future I’ll go with Von Marwitz suggestion.
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    VotG to RO

    Perry is now into Death Ride series of games. He sold his ASL kit, Joe Arthur bought it via EBay.
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    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    Pulled your back in taking a scenario card out of its sleeve 😀