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    2021 Texas Team Tournament

    In our case it is very loosely structured. As in many of the events we sponsor during the tourney, we try to provide everyone attending the opportunity to vie for some hardware. Ultimately for everyone attending the tourney, I'll develop 3-player teams based on my understanding of each players...
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    2021 Texas Team Tournament

    Just a quick note to all that as of now the 2021 edition of the Texas Team Tournament here in Austin is still a go. Trends with vaccine availability continues to look promising so continuing to plan as though we will get the tourney in this year. We'll hold it June 17-20. All of the details can...
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    Finn Project

    All geo boards for this pack. will have 2 standards, 1 double wide, and a new one for BFP what we are calling a half-wide board (a Fort-style board). I'll try to get you some images here in a bit. Not near my design computer at the moment.
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    Banzai!! 25.3 is now available for free download

    Banzai!! 25.3 is now available! Welcome to this very special edition of the newsletter of Texas ASL, Banzai!!. We received it a little late for the previous issue, but a very detailed and inciteful analysis of RO5 Men of Steel from the indomitable Rich Spilky and his partner in crime Frank...
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    OS-10, Greyhounds

    It is a typo. It should be BPV.
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    Banzai!! 25.2 Is Now Available For Free Download

    Thanks, Klas. I've amended the text to reflect the proper usage.
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    Banzai!! 25.2 Is Now Available For Free Download

    Banzai!! 25.2 is now available! Welcome back to another edition of the newsletter of Texas ASL, Banzai!!. I hope everyone is staying safe from Covid-19 and getting at least a little playing time in. We have a great issue lined up for you. I have pulled together some basic ASL fundamentals to...
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    The Battle of Manila 1945

    Something in playtesting. Been working on the map for this for a while now. The fighting in the Umurbrogols was definitely nasty, and terrain that I hope to be able to capture in our map.
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    MG Cupolas

    Dear Perry, An Armored Cupola armed with only a HMG is manned by an Infantry Crew. Rule A7.9 states, in pertinent part, “…or any form of vehicular fire.” The HMG Cupolas are also governed by rules D9.5-.51. The last sentence of rule D9.5 states, “An Armored Cupola is considered the...
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    Onslaught to Orsha 2 Errata

    OtO-11, SBR-3: The German Pillboxes cannot set up facing northwest or southwest.
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    Onslaught to Orsha 2 Errata

    Yeah, for consistency it should be there. Though luckily the drms and references are still good.
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    CtR HASL Map Question

    The rubble in CC22 is a part of the original 2 hex building. There could have been a larger dot there. There is a black bar on the building between the DD22 and CC22 hexes which also designate the two hexes as one entity.
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    Prioritizing Hozan Storage - Suggestions Needed

    Oh ye of little faith :)
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    Captured Tanks

    What he said. The vehicle notes will outline any penalties or lowered breakdown numbers associated with the vehicle. Historically those captured vehicles were refurbished for their own use by the respective capturing side, as well as their crews would have familiarized themselves with the...
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    Armory pages?

    I have updated the BFP armory (version 4) to include OtO2. It is now available on the BFP download page, and also out in the Download section of