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    Grant Gun TK#

    To further complicate the issue of Grant AP ammo there is this post (third one down) about the use of captured German ammo:
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    Great Customer Service

    I had a minor issue with some components of AoO 2018 bought through a third party vendor. A big thanks to Brian Youse for rectifying the issue. It is always a pleasure dealing with MMP!
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    The other "solution" is to restrict the ability of a skulking unit to advance back into a firing position.
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Got the pics - thanks!
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Thanks Tooz. I did have a look at the BG Facebook pages and couldn't see the pics of these countersheets. If you could post some pics on hi Facebook pages I would be very grateful.
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    Updated ASL Armory

    Hutch - my hat off to you! Thanks for all the hard work you put in for the ASL community. It brings sanity to the madness of trying to sort out your ASL kit!
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    BGD Are pics available of each counter sheet in a set? I'm interested in various Axis Minor and Partisan sets.
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    Raaco- what system storage do you use?

    von Marwitz Outstanding work! Also thanks for your contribution towards the ASL sticky errata (I saw your name a few times as the author). I am using "Planos" but am contemplating using RAACO. I have a couple of quick questions - they may seem odd - but I have never had a chance to see RAACO...
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    Errata on MMP site/Texas ASL (inc sticky)

    MISSION COMPLETE! Many, many hours of work but all the sticky errata from Texas-ASL is now all in place! Thanks again to everybody for their help!
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    Errata on MMP site/Texas ASL (inc sticky)

    Bruce! What can I say? Thanks for the very comprehensive guide. It has helped clarify things greatly, as well a helped me to refine my approach!
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    Errata on MMP site/Texas ASL (inc sticky)

    I think that sounds right!
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    Errata on MMP site/Texas ASL (inc sticky)

    Thanks Klas! They are a bit too hard to print for me - I live in the land of A4!
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    Errata on MMP site/Texas ASL (inc sticky)

    Thanks everyone for their input! So my revised plan is: Use as a "master list" the MMP Errata list (current to J10 and misses HP H190 updates) with the addition of J11, J12 and the HP H190 updates (thanks Bruce!). Also check against the Pocket RB (which includes HP H190 and only misses J11 and...
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    Errata on MMP site/Texas ASL (inc sticky)

    I am about to "update" my ASLRB 2nd edition and I am a little confused about what to do! I have all the replacement pages available form HP, AoO etc etc. I have printed off the "list" of errata from MMP...
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    Update! Sorry this extra copy of LFT14 is now going to Canada!