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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    MMP alone is putting things out faster than I can get them.
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    New Modules

    Personally, I'm quite interested (we really need more DTO out there); I'm just short on time, space, and money.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Finished off a game of 5 To the Square a bit ago, and finally posted the full adventure. My plan as the attacking Russians nearly came apart when I ran right into one of the HIP squads, but I managed to leverage the rest of my moves to take apart that line over the next turn, and then startled...
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    Anyone get their DASL pack yet?

    I got mine around the 15th. I forget exactly when 'charging' and 'packed' happened, but it was around the start of the month, so about two weeks for me.
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    CdG 2nd Edition - components to play all scenarios...

    ...I imagine it's pretty crumpled looking by the time the first turn is over.
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    CdG 2nd Edition - components to play all scenarios...

    I do hope that the ex-CDG overlays end up somewhere other than the bundle. I'd prefer to get just those somewhere, rather than duplicating every other overlay there is. (Yeah, sure a duplicate set could be nice, but it's not something I'm in need of.)
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    What was your "moment?"

    It's definitely been a process. I can't point to any one place, or even any number of places that really got me in. I've always been an omnivorous gamer, and no one game will ever consume my gaming life. (I spent a fair amount of time with just SFB once, and found I needed to play something else...
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    Hindrance, twice

    Had two interesting questions come up last night. 1) A vehicle in stationary VBM fires at a unit a few hexes away. One of the hexes forming the CAFP vertex (not the hex the vehicle is bypassing/in) has a wreck blaze in it. Does the presence of smoke at the CAFP vertex Hinder the shot? [We...
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    What was your "moment?"

    The first hint was the first morning of Pacificon '77. They had an interesting idea that year where each dealer had his own small room, instead of a large dealer's room. The usual deal at that time was for stores not to be on the floor, and games were available from the publisher, or their...
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    Poll: leaders on top

    "Yes, for simplicity sake they should be on top." (emphasis added) As written, sure, I agree with this. This isn't to say that I'm going to complain, or much care if they aren't.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Got in my new DASL set a couple days ago:
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    2019 AAR

    I had a total of 9 complete ASL games in 2019, which is high-average for me. There were 2 more that continued into 2019 from the previous year, and 4 that were ongoing as of the end of the year (1 has finished since then). That's 12 games in whole or in part in 2019 that I have an outcome for...
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Another 'spec' setup - no particular hurry on this. AP121 Along the Vistula: Gullies & streams do not exist (this option exists for board 22, but not 20 and 49—I'll also note that this should probably be a standard option for gullies and streams, I've seen it elsewhere) No marshes - There's a...
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    Deluxe ASL 2019 year in review

    Personally, finally played J123 Charging Chaumont after a nine-year delay. I was a bit depressed after a poor first turn, but came back for a real exciting finish, trying to take a large building.