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    A.P. Fourteen.

    Some very interesting little wrinkles in there. Board 84 has a lot of woods hexsides you can't bypass because the art hits the hexside. And I'm sure I'm going to end up wanting to cross the board 12ab gully at D4/E4 someday, and go, "why?!?".
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    Counter positioning DASL hexes

    That still works for me.
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    Yanks - OOP at MMP website

    Less pent up demand, considering the amount of time the respective AH versions were out of print.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Another set of missing/desired set up options. This is for something I hope to play soon (J123 Charging Chaumont), though its playable without them: Board g: Needs out-of-season grain, and paved roads. Overlays dx6 & 7: Need 'mud' colors, and dx7 needs out-of-season orchard. (And I will say...
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    Lock your rooms!

    I've been playing on-line once a week with Patch for... 13 years now. I've had one instance of someone coming in and fiddling with counters in all that time. It was an easy fix.
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    LOS Thread with Height Levels

    Yeah, I did the exact same thing as you in a game of Festung Budapest. B23.8 really needs that cross-reference.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Past time to check-in here. Finished up a long-running VASL game of 5 "In Sight of the Volga" a month ago. I had a solid defensive plan as the Russians, which in the end was just enough despite losing way too many men in the first turns (a common fate). I got one good set of reinforcements...
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    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    Most likely because DASL Redux is its own product, whereas the map pack is as much as to supply components to other products (modules, APs, etc) as anything else.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    I'll note that I was just looking at the Pegasus Bridge map and had the same reaction. The trouble there (and probably OVHS) is just the graphics look more primitive... Not a direct scan, or retouched from one. I'd have to stare a while to figure out why it looked off, and how much is the original.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Another 'to get to someday' scenario-specific overlay (i.e., not for a current game): OA1 "The Road to St. Lo" states that 'all Bocage (Hedges) on hill hexes and hexes adjacent to hill hexes do not exist'. This affects boards e, f, and g. (f and g purely by having bocage adjacent to the board e...
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    VASL Scenario vsav Files?

    Send me a note at rindis at rindis dot com, and I'll send you my 184 setup. And any others you want to request that I happen to have.
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    Cropping boards problem

    I just got around to testing this on the original problem I found, and it's looking good.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Another 'handy sometime' request: Scenario AP111 "The Katanas Come Out at Night" turns woods into crags and Orchards into scrub. Also, roads are turned into paths. The former two can't be done currently, and it looks like a good candidate for some scenario-specific transformations.
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    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    Vassal seems to work for me.... Big hexes, nine positions within them, hexspine positions still work.... (I need to get WO #9, but have pre-ordered this set. Looking forward to it!)
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    Cropping boards problem

    Cropping rows tends to be fairly rare, so I had to check that. Exact same behavior. It only happens when there are multiple rows and multiple columns. A 1x3 or 1x4 pattern doesn't have trouble (nor 3x1 or 4x1), but 2 rows by 3 columns does (saw that on one of the Fort board setups...). In that...