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    Beserk chargers roll for ambush?

    NRBH, can a berserk leader modify the CC attack of a non-berserk unit?
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    Pinned units and boobytraps

    When Boobytraps are in play is a unit that is already pinned required to take PTC purely to determine if a boobytrap is activated?
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    STL12 - What Doesn't Kill You - Rowhouse SSR.

    Hi all Looking to play this scenario and wondering how to interpret the statement in SSR 1 "Rowhouses do not exist". Does this mean: (1) The rowhouse black bar doesn't exist and the building is treated as a single multi-hex building. (2) The black bar becomes open ground and each building...
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    AP 14!

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    Carrier Crew inherent morale

    So for British (Commonwealth) it would be 8 morale.
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    Rally Point Volume #17: Special Study II of the Korean War is now available!

    Received my copy this week - agree this is one of the major attractions of the pack.
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    Carrier Crew inherent morale

    What's the morale of a carrier HS 247 while it is the Inherent crew (D5.1) of a carrier?
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    Attacking From Smoked Hex to Smoked Hex

    So is the A23.3 example cited by the OP wrong?
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    Collateral attack

    Well CHs are NA for MGs in any event.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Were you using real dice or a dice bot?
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    OVR and MOL

    It doesn't appear in Klas's compilation of current Q&A.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    There are details on the ASL Archive.
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    "Unknown Soldier" Finnish war movie

    I've seen clips on YouTube, where did you get the full movie?
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    AAR - Red Devils - 215

    I don't think that's legal. From memory Chapter H says that the crew can only remove the MA, while passengers can remove the other MGs.
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    Brokenground Counters new vehicles

    Interesting to see Paul Kenny's name crop up in that discussion. I seem to recall he did a scenario which featured one of those Pz1 variants.