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    Intensive fire and malfunction

    If I Intensive Fire a gun and roll a 10 on the To Hit is the shot still effective despite the gun malfunctioning if a 10 would otherwise be a hit? A9.7 talks about attacks involving SW still being resolved but there's no specific reference to Ordnance. The only reference I can find in Chapter C...
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    Silly After Action Report - Extra Curricular Activities

    Great write up as usual Neil, thanks again for the game.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Crushed in 4 turns as the Allies in Rehearsal for Crete.
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    Hey Bruce, I'm not complaining. Seems like an instant after the six months I waited for MilSims to ship me Cross of Iron back in 80's.
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    My bundle shipped yesterday. Had been packing since 14 Feb.
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    AAR From CanCon

    Thanks again Andy for running another great tournament.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Are there any changes to this scenario from the original version?
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    Questions on CdG Counters

    Without vehicle and ordnance counters in the new colours I don't see the advantage of these additional counter sets over the old approach.
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    Wild Bill Wilder/First to Fight’s: Fighting for the Freedoms: Operation Enduring Freedom #2

    I thought your review was fine. Just because you didn't editorialise doesn't mean your review wasn't informative. You provided others with enough information to decide if the product suits them and meets their expectations of what an ASL product should be.
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    Is Cancon Happening

    24 hours to go until kickoff.
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    LFT shipping problems

    Xavier, my deepest condolences to you and your family.
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    OBA that lands on half tracks

    -1 for open top and -1 for all AF less than 4 will apply to most armoured HTs when attacked by OBA on the IFT. Don't have my To Kill tables infront of me, but I think a K result or better will destroy the vehicle in which case PRC roll for crew survival unless the vehicle burns. Only if the...
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    FfS Q+A

    How many FrTs are eliminated if a 768 marine squad is subject to Casualty Reduction following a Booby Trap attack?
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    Fortress Wall breach by DC

    Seoul rule 10.1 says they are treated the same as Factory Interior walls which may be breached (O5.33 and B23.711).