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    CyberVASL XI

    Jeremy Busby and Ricardo Garcia will meet in Poland in ASL85 No Way Out, my German forces will try to defend a village against Jeremy’s Polish troops in the confusion of this September night.
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    Deleting overlays from overlays.....

    I have just found out how to remove overlays. Click on the Map Inventory button, scroll down until your find the overlay you want to delete, right-click on it and press delete. It will disappear. Sorry if this has already been explained somewhere else.
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    Great Customer Service

    I also had an issue with my HiF map and MMP’s customer service was absolutely exceptional with a quick response.
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    AFV case J and Motion Status

    Thanks for your help. It is clear now.
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    AFV case J and Motion Status

    A question: An AFV begins its MPh stopped. During its MPh it delays all its MPs but one, then it starts and finishes its MPh, so I place a Motion counter on it to mark its Motion status. If ordnance were to fire on it during the ensuing DFPh, would case J apply? Or is it necessary that the AFV...
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    So what's the best game of ASL you played in 2018 (and why) ? And what's the best new scenario you played in 2018 ?

    I have played 31 games this year (my first year in ASL) and every game has been great fun. If I have to choose one, I really enjoyed ITR 9 Asia’s Stalingrad. I lost playing the Japanese, but it was a really tense scenario to the end.
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    BFP 104 Flying Turrets_Bombardment Question

    Looking at C1.72 Harassing Fire, a two-hex radius extends from the “target” hex within “two” hexes (double the normal range of a FFE), so I would say “and every hex within 4 hexes”. But I’m just a newbie.
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    God I'm so confused - Printing boards from VASL....

    The board files with no extension can be open with programs like Winzip, Winrar, 7z, etc. You will see among other files a gif file of the board you need.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    My Poland in Flames has just arrived, if only I will have to wait a few weeks to actually see it, since it's at my brother's home in Germany.
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    Malaga, Spain

    Hi, I’m looking for a face to face opponent in my area. I play ETO, learning my way through PTO and willing to learn DTO. Anybody out there?
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    Scenarios with Japanese troops but not PTO rules

    Where are these scenarios from?
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    Scenarios with Japanese troops but not PTO rules

    I have finally started with Smertniki, which we finished rather quickly (my Russian units were massacred!) and next is BFP 26 Armored Samurai, I am playing with the Chinese army. Thank you
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    Scenarios with Japanese troops but not PTO rules

    Thanks for the information. I am looking forward to reading them.
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    THE KFW VASL thread

    +1000. I play thanks to your work.
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    Scenarios with Japanese troops but not PTO rules

    Thanks guys for your help. My friend and I now have a list of scenarios to start thanks to you all. See you in the battlefield!