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    KGS snow sangar

    But it is only the fortification that starts the scenario HIP. The units there won’t be HIP (except for pillboxes)
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    For King & Country preorder

    Well, I have placed my order, hopefully it will come out before my couriers leave the country for good!
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    For King & Country preorder

    I’m planning to get this module. Does anybody know more or less when MMP will start printing, I mean, do they wait until preorder numbers reach the minimum or do they are print before reaching that said number? Thanks.
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    RF: X-Tag

    Really interesting to follow. Excuse my ignorance, but I was wondering what purpose those little plastic crosses have. Thanks, Ricardo
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    CyberVASL XI

    My German forces (Ricardo Garcia) have managed to stop the onslaught of Polish forces (Jeremy Busby) in the confusion of the night in ASL85 No Way Out. Jeremy has been a real pleasure and a tough scenario, and we had to play it to the very end to see the winner. I highly recommend him as an...
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    Canister vs empty vertex

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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    Canister vs empty vertex

    But C8.4 mentions that LOS to the aiming vertex is not necessary. My main concern is: if the aiming vertex is surrounded by empty hexes or out of LOS, can I still fire in order to affect an adjacent enemy unit?
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    Canister vs empty vertex

    An AFV wants to fire onto an vertex (in the photo as an example, vertex T9-T10-U10) with all the three contiguous hexes are empty, in order to affect an adjacent enemy unit (in the example in hex O10). Is that allowed, firing at an empty target to affect collaterally an enemy unit, although...
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    CyberVASL X

    Hi, in J59 'Friday the 13th', Rick Carter's Russian Army couldn't stop Ricardo's German forces, and Rick conceded the scenario. It was a good game and well played by Rick.
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    Why go to an ASL tournament?

    Well, both events in Barcelona and Madrid are still taking place every year. MadASL happened last weekend, and the fact that general elections were the same weekened had an impact on attendance. I went last year and it was 18 players altogether. There is also a new idea for another tournament in...
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    CyberVASL X

    Rick Carter and Ricardo Garcia will be playing in the fields of East Prussia, with the Germans (Ricardo) trying to regain control of an important crossroads to stop the Soviet (Rick) advance against the Army Group North, with the help of some newly deployed JagdPanzer IVs!
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    CyberVASL XI

    Jeremy Busby and Ricardo Garcia will meet in Poland in ASL85 No Way Out, my German forces will try to defend a village against Jeremy’s Polish troops in the confusion of this September night.
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    Deleting overlays from overlays.....

    I have just found out how to remove overlays. Click on the Map Inventory button, scroll down until your find the overlay you want to delete, right-click on it and press delete. It will disappear. Sorry if this has already been explained somewhere else.
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    Great Customer Service

    I also had an issue with my HiF map and MMP’s customer service was absolutely exceptional with a quick response.
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    AFV case J and Motion Status

    Thanks for your help. It is clear now.