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    British 1916 Campain

    He, could... i'd say 2-3 times. ;)
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    1916 Campaign - Kaiserliche Marine

    Good read. Seems like you rather careful with main body of fleet. Good for brits. ;) Thanks. Looking to read more.
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    1916 Campaign - Royal Navy

    Re: 1916 Campaign Chances are they all die before reaching destination... from a single enemy CL...
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    1916 Campaign - Royal Navy

    Re: 1916 Campaign Interesting :)
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    A Midsummer Night's Nightmare - First Test

    I guess both ACH ON helped Germans a bit. ;)
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    The Tsar's Crown Jewels - Russian

    May i add "Bullet-heads" ? Pun intended. :clown:
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    Noob Campaign May 1916 Room 40 German

    It is map squares. ;) 75 map squares radius.
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    Noob Adventures

    By the way, i think Bayern is a very weak ship in game. His large turrets are prone to get hit alot, which can lead to magasine explosion or stripping her from main battery pretty fast. And her large 380mm artillery is also surprisingly innacurate. Crew count on Bayern is kinda small and it...
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    En Passant again Sunday the 21st

    Hmm,.. without "ACH - fragile ammo" KM thoughness advantage will be nullified, as RN usually have much bigger shells. Can be too much.
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    Jutland MP June 14: En Passant

    Yeah, seem like ACH Cordite was ON even if host settings was set to OFF.
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    June 7 MP: Jutland 1548

    Wow, how HSF managed that without losses?
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    Sunday game. Jutland.

    The only screenshot i got from this battle: 2560x1600, 1.3mb screenshot. Situation right after HSF was forced to make first turn to the left in the direction of grand fleet, to avoid 'cross the T' situation...
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    French Govt falls on 3rd July 1916 - sues for peace

    Yes, transport chases are definitely immersion breakers for me too. But i can only suggest to ignore transports, or only hunt for them at night. Old transport routine: "set course and max speed, and go AFK while chasing at 20x speed" is sadly migrated from Distant Guns to Jutland. I wish...
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    Sunday game. Jutland.

    2 corrections: Lutzow was hit by a lucky 15'' salvo from approaching from behind Grand Fleet battle line. Still, she was saved by decreasing visibility and poor angle of shooting availaible for Grand Fleet BL. Lutsow always tried to keep low profile. And British DD attack come in 2 lines, not...
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    Sunday game. Jutland.

    Game was very intense though. Infact it was very close to the real Jutland. Loses are comparable too.