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    New members introduce yourself here

    Not really new to the forums (since I moderated the original Warfare HQ version and ran the PBEM ladder!), but it's been many years. Considering dusting off my VASL counters, but haven't made any concrete steps towards that yet. Fortunately still have my eASLRB and love the new version of VASL.
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    Basic Tactics Links

    This is not quite correct. A25.23 excludes "a Guard" from from participating in a Human Wave, but this is referring to a unit guarding a prisoner (a Guard). This is quite different from a Guards formation, which A25.2 refers to elite troops as GUARDS (caps). The index also makes the...
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    Hey Gary... you can choose to switch off all avatar's in your User Control Panel.
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    You should see a red "SUBSCRIBE TODAY!" link right up near the top of the forums.
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    Just found the thread. Don said he was working on allowing subscriptions by cheques or credit cards, and to give him a day or so to get it organised.
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    I think Don is looking for a way to allow VIP membership without PayPal.
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    Preferred Screen Resolution

    :surprise: :eek: :crosseye: :eek: :surprise:
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    Looking for an opponent? Read this first!

    Welcome to the Opponents Wanted section of the forums! Our job here is to help you get in touch with other players so you can get playing ASL as quickly as possible. That's why you popped into this section of the forums, right? :) Another good rule of thumb is that if you are replying to an...
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    Recommended Learning Scenarios and "Getting-back-into-ASL" Scenarios

    Okay, So you're either new to ASL or are returning after a break and want some advice on what are good learning or re-learning scenarios. I think we might be able to help you out. There is no guarantee any of these scenarios are balanced or fun, just that some people think they serve as good...
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    A19.3 Inexperienced Personnel and Leaders

    The leader exempts the squad in each (a)-(e) situation, so the answer to each EX is "No." Yes. [I don't think there are any instances in ASLSK where this distinction in this rule is meaningful.] Apologies for any previous answers that may conflict with this one. ....Perry MMP
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    PB2 Howards Men

    Does the mention in SSR 3 of PB 2 (Howards Men) that the British are Scenario Defender mean that the Germans are Scenario Attacker and therefore allowed Cloaking? (as would be the case in the equivalent CG Scenario of CG I) <<No.>> Or is there only a Scenario Defender for this scenario...
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    G14.234 and S3.323

    There appears to be a rules conflict in the SASL mission 21 "Beach Defense" where the ENEMY is conducting a Seaborne Assault: G14.234 - Requires enemy to unload from LC as soon as possible S3.323 - Prohibits S? to move into residual of 4FP or greater Question If I fire on the hex the LC is...
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    I have to ask

    So really, we just need some budding scenario designers to step up who can design us some good Yanks vs. Yanks scenarios. Then there'll not be a need for the Germans or the Russians.
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    I have to ask

    The "Yanks running out" quip refers to the fact that MMP have thousands of copies of Yanks sitting in their warehouse. Avalon Hill did a massive reprint of Yanks just before they went bellyup... and MMP inherited this when they took over the ASL line from Hasbro. So it indeed would be big...
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    ABtF AAR!

    Both AARs are up now. :)