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    ice sea 1917 variant - battle statistics Feb, 6. 2011

    Here are the events for the 1st Battle Squadron. The only loss was HMS Resolution as a result of a magazine explosion. I thought HMS Iron Duke took a torpedo but apparently not. Port side flooding was about 20% but under control. Events for: BB Agincourt 02:40:19 : BB Agincourt struck by...
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    June 7 MP: Jutland 1548

    Malaya was still afloat and steaming north at 20 knots. One turret was knocked out and ~20% persistent flooding on the starboard side. Fires had been up to almost 25% but were under control and down to ~10% at the end. She would most likely survive.
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    Sunday MP AAR

    Here are a couple of pictures of Conqueror at the conclusion of our battle. Notice hull damage on starboard side and three turrets with penetrating hits.