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    Combining Assault Fire and Spraying Fire in the AFPh

    Hello All, If a unit uses both assault fire and spraying fire, when are the +1 and FRU modifiers applied? Is it to the overall total, which is then divided by 2, or does each hex get the modifiers? i.e. a 6-2-8 fires at two adjacent hexes in its AFPh. is the total 6 x 2 (adjacent), halved for...
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    Ammunition Shortage and Inexperienced Squads

    Hello All, A B11 MMG suffering from ammo shortage (B10/X11) is fired by an inexperienced squad (B9 as per A 19.32). Does it now also use X10? Many Thanks, Raphael
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    VMG Usage

    That is correct. (D8.5) The rule misunderstanding that caused the original question was A9.21 which says 'However, if a SW MMG/HMG in a woods/rubble/building hex fires and is entitled to another shot, it may continue to fire during that phase only inside the CA of the prior shot (which, unlike...
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    VMG Usage

    Thanks All, So essentially with regard to C3.2, Rule C2.1 is applicable, and the rules I quoted are only to clarify where any RMG can fire? Regards, Raphael
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    VMG Usage

    Sorry, as I understand it the rules quoted don't allow the VMG's to fire a a target in the hex the vehicle occupies, (except for OVR). As TPBF only occurs against a target in the same location as the firing vehicle, how is this allowed as BFF (as per the OVR Flow Chart) if no OVR occurs? They...
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    VMG Usage

    Hello All, D1.81 says that a BMG may fire only at a target that lies within it's vehicle's VCA (with some exceptions). D1.82 says that a CMG may be used only when firing through the TCA. The OVR Flow Chart allows MG/IFE to use TPBF as BFF, even when there is no OVR. So, what am I...
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    A14.3 Sniper Attack Resolution

    Hello All, A dr 1 American sniper attack is resolved against an already broken Geman 4-6-7 MMC. Is the result MMC Reduction or only placement of a DM Counter. (I ask because one opinion has it that an already broken unit 'does not break'). Many Thanks, Raphael
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    Destroying/Assembling/Disassembling a SW

    Hello All, When an Infantry unit destroys/(dis)/assembles a SW in the PFPh, is it marked with a Prep Fire Counter? Thanks, Raphael
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    B13.4212 Trail Break -1 DFF DRM

    Hello All, Is the TB -1 DFF DRM (B13.4212) cumulative with -1 Airburst TEM rbursts (B13.3)? Thanks, Raphael
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    A7.7 Encirclement & A7.72 Upper Levels

    Hello All, A7.7 Says 'The MF cost of the first location entered (regardless of phase) by an encircled unit is doubled (after all modification).' A Conscript Squad on the second level of a building is now affected by Upper Level Encirclement. In this situation does A7.7 apply only once, when...
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    A11.34 Prisoner Sequential CC

    Hello All, A Russian 4-4-7 has become locked in melee with a German 8-1 and 4-6-7. The German squad possesses 2 Russian MMC Prisoners. Next turn in the sequential CC involving the prisoners, do they attack alone (1-4 odds) or can they combine with the 4-4-7 (1-1 odds)? It will make quite a...
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    Hakkaa Paalle Counters Query

    Hello All, In Hakkaa Paalle there are several VCA/TCA Counters with a small flash containing a 1 on both the BU and CE sides. What rule/vehicles does this apply to? Regards, Raphael
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    A8.2 Residual Firepower & FFMO Bypass Modifier

    Hello All, The penultimate sentence of A8.2 says; 'All non-hexside TEM and SMOKE/FFE-Hindrance DRM of the target location apply to a Residual FP attack (even vs Bypassing units).' Does this negate the -1 FFMO modifier? Thanks, Raphael
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    Disrupted Unit Rout Question

    Thank You, That answers my question. Raphael
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    Disrupted Unit Rout Question

    Hello All, If a Disrupted infantry unit (A19.21) must rout (as per A10.531) is it then also marked as DM? Thanks, Raphael