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    Lock your rooms!

    If you have an open door policy playing VASL then I advise saving the game often. If there is an accident or visitor sabotage the effects are diminished.
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    GameSquad, the Movie: So which famous actor plays you?

    Only the best for me......Humphrey Bogart. Yes, I'm conceited.
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    Men of Steel - RO large scenario AAR

    This thread probably should be moved to ASL Reviews.
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    SSR questions/Help

    The probability of a 2 and/or 3 is the same as rolling just a 4 for SAN, 8.33%.
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    Map maker guide?

    It has the RGB settings for lots of colors (woods, roads, hills, etc.) used on the VASL boards. What palettes are you looking for?
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    New problem...

    I found that you can put 80 match boxes (2 1/8 x 1 7/16 x 1/2 inches) in the ASLSK 3 box. You can put up to 24 5/8" or 32 1/2" counters in each box. Label it and use some rubber bands to keep the SK3 box closed.
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    Map maker guide?

    IIRC, Texas ASL has something in the downloads section.
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    Desperation Morale website down.....but for how long?

    Yes, there has been an significant increase in his work load, so he can't review as often. Maybe in a couple of years, the recent spike in activity will settle down to a less frantic level, we can hope.
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    Any interest in a Starter Kit scenario design contest?

    Oh no, oh no, oh no! Only one week left.
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    Core Module Scenario Dependencies

    I see the first map pack is out and six individual maps are out for purchase.
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    After the Battle - Voronezh 1942

    Is that like a historical study product by MMP, etc. or some type of linked scenarios like published in the Journal?
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    After the Battle - Voronezh 1942

    Maybe. How do you make it different from Stalingrad HASLs?
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    After the Battle - Voronezh 1942

    Yeah, I'm still waiting for PayPal to send me the email to pay.
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    After the Battle - Voronezh 1942

    Looks like I will have to wait a while before I can buy that single issue. Latest single issue available is #171 and the latest release is #182. EDIT: Now I have found a way to order it. Just waiting on the Paypal email.