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    Spoogbob VASL Punk

    :readit: :yell: We talk American, we spell American because we define American to the world. :hellyes:
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    Blank Board

    Goto Texas ASL downloads And download this Ye Old Booke of VASL Mapmaking Secrets
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    California surpasses UK to become world's 5th largest economy

    Your personal ranking or is there a poll, article, and/or survey from a reputable source that supports this assessment? Thanks Dave.
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    Test your Knowledge

    27 out of 30 but I question the validity of the quiz because it did not mention flatulence in the enemy's direction, taunting the enemy with accusations that their father smells of elderberries, nor proclamations that it's only a flesh wound.
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    Counter art

    In the past, MMP has sent cease and desist letters, filed lawsuits against third party publishers, and sought civil action in court over the use of copyrighted images and their scenario card layout. Please note on some of the third party material there is usually a disclaimer that the material...
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    Counter art

    You have a blank template for a scenario card. Is it like MMP's, same layout/format or is it arranged differently and labeled differently? What program / software / app (MS Word, Open Office, etc.) is the sheet created? Would you be willing to share with others?
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    Routes thru the Ardennes in 1940 vs 1944

    St. Vith Battleground Best to worst roads Solid red in double black lines Dashed red in double black lines No red in double black lines Thick black line (about minimum width, pavement, gravel for tracked vehicles) Thin black line with dash black line Railroad Dashed black in double black lines...
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    Routes thru the Ardennes in 1940 vs 1944

    I can't point to a particular book that makes a straight comparison of the 1940 vs. 1944 Ardennes offensives but I know that the US army did study the German attack and during the various training exercises under the 2nd Army in Tennessee emphasis was placed on creating roadblocks using tanks...
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    1/6 scale diorama featuring the Mighty Maus

    Nice job on the flecktarn uniforms.
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    Corner Cutting

    Using SSR one could give a scenario defender either a specified number or a randomly generated number of unmarked, HIP 'towers' located in woods, jungle, orchards, and palm trees. Such additional locations operate as a tower location, including the wooden building TEM for occupants but guns are...
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    call for playtesters - Malaya & Normandy scenarios

    George mentioned that he is working with MMP.
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    call for playtesters - Malaya & Normandy scenarios

    George, cross posted to the Scenario Design Group.
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    Does the current sniper implementation actually improve the game?

    SAN number for random OBA strike time intervals given two minute turns 2 - 72 minutes 3 - 36 minutes 4 - 24 minutes 5 - 18 minutes 6 - 14/15 minutes 7 - 12 minutes
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    How do you brief a president that cannot distinguish between truth and lies?

    Fascists are considered to be on the far right of the left right political spectrum. They opposed liberalism, Marxism (and Communism), and anarchism. Fascists are about as politically opposed to the left as one can get. There is no 'left-fascist rule'.
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    Precision Dice

    Though this article does not compare precision dice from non-precision dice I think it does illustrate that non-precision dice are less likely to have an 'even' distribution of rolls that fall within the standard deviation. The comparison is between D20 dies of Chessex and GameSciene manufacture...