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    Killer Hexes?

    I'm just curious as to what hexes might have a reputation for being "killer" locations Any hex where R.S. could move a squad or leader qualifies as a killer hex......for the enemy. ;)
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    A personal note from the staff

    When we get a chance to play, I'll run 9-2 leader out in the open for your HMG...sorry. Lol, if only it was this easy to settle disagreements and world problems with a game of ASL. Thanks for the laugh..that was funny ! :D
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    Just wanted to clarify my point about no local FtF. As a Full-time caregiver for my grandfather, my travel is limited to this region. Believe me when I say I'd love to be able to meet and play/learn with some of you at local events but thats not possible. Cheers,
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    Newbies/non-SLers, I think will be caught by #1 or never. I fall into this category - having bought the ASLRB and BV. Perhaps I should have bought ASLsk1 so I can learn the game in chunks. I "might" do so, but at this point I don't see a reason for it because the reality that I face is not...
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    A personal note from the staff

    For once, I can actually give some constructive advice about this subject, having seen it all too often in the last 15 years in other gaming communities. As a computer golfer/designer and beta-tester for the biggest companies of current Computer sims for golf and other genres, I've seen this...
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    Your ASL opponent-related Pet Peeves

    So without starting an entire new thread to ask this, and keeping in mind I've never played FtF, it seems that the general consensus is that ASLers fall into specific categories: Rule Mongers: Those that live, breathe and die on the actual rule as written, and if your wrong they repeat...
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    MMP on Production of ASL stuff

    Thank you for the update ! 8) I'm very relieved to hear this news and I think this sort of communication will help ease the worries and let the ASl community breathe deeper in regards to their pre-orders and the future of new products and reprints. ^5ss
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    "The General" ..question

    Aries said: They would almost certainly have to put out a call for someone to submit the physical items first. That was the reason why I made mention of perhaps a community project. In essence, it would help relieve Hasbro/MMP of doing such a creation and IF they are not willing to do such...
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    ASL newbie orientation guide?

    One thing I didn't see mentioned was IF you get the first edition ASL rulebook, you should try and get a first edition Paratrooper with Chapter K of the ASLRB included. Thats what I'm doing, simply because its cheaper to get a used set of first edition rules/modules then try and buy all new...
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    "The General" ..question

    Thanks for the positive comments guys. 8) are we talking ALL of the General Absolutely. I see an entire collection available on CD-Rom so that this fantastic resource is available to everyone. See below for more thoughts on this topic. Some issues had no ASL content at all, some only a...
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    "The General" ..question

    Greetings, In the past I had made mention about this idea, and the post was sort of buried in the midst of another thread, so I'd like to get your thoughts on a "The General" magazine collection on CD-Rom. First off, I'm well aware of the pressure and delays that MMP is facing with current...
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    What do you think about ebay?

    Depends on your definition of Fraud. IF your referring to not being upfront with explanations, including images that clearly show what the item looks like, then the answer from my viewpoint is: I've seen a few auctions that just didn't make sense, and upon emailing the seller, I've...
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    What do you think about ebay?

    My own take on Ebay: When I wanted to test the waters of SL and ASL, I first did the research - searching through completed transactions and seeing what the high/low and average was for each item. Then I picked and chose which auctions for those items fell into that max range I would be...
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    Your Weaknesses as a Player

    I guess that is what separates the average players from the consistent winners, knowing what to do and when to do. In regards to newbies - Isn't it more a case of not knowing the rules more than of knowing what to do and when to do it ? Case in point, as a newbie, I can't tell you the...
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    Scenario title puns or Examining the The Tigers Wrecked' em

    You know, I can almost see a spin-off where pundit names that SHOULD be scenarios are listed. One such example: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band of Brothers" comes to mind. 8) Cheers