I'm a WWII history buff who got hooked on the original Squad Leader game series, and then ASL when it was introduced. I had all the modules through Hollow Legions when I sold it all off in the early '90s. I hadn't been playing ASL much as life had gotten busy, and since I was still struggling to master the desert rules, I didn't see myself ever having time to learn the PTO modules, which had just come out. So rather than buy the PTO stuff, I sold it all. Fast forward 20 years or so to 2013, and I really began to miss it, particularly the PTO stuff I never got to play. So I began buying all the stuff back, for much more than I wanted to pay, as most of it was out of print. In the process I discovered how much bigger the ASL universe had become: VASL, tons of stuff from third-party companies. Boy, this is addictive (and expensive! A heroin habit would be cheaper). I now have much more ASL stuff than I ever did before, but I still don't have the core PTO components. Rising Sun can't come soon enough.
llUnited States


- Paul

Stop me before I buy more ASL.




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