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  • "That's ok. I just use prisoner counters for the French & Italians."

    Snicker! That saves time!

    Congradulations to your Tigers for a great season, they are champs as well!
    "Who is Tater? I'll take Jackasses on Gamesquad for $1000, Alex! "

    "Hey! I'm not a homo! I just hold it in my mouth until the swelling goes down."

    No one ever does. Ba dum pum. :clown:

    set up, like a bowlin pin.
    Knocked down, it gets to wearin thin.
    What's you're thoughts on the Bama-LSU game? Defensive struggle or shoot out?
    Well, i remember the last election - Obama was going to take their guns, swear the oath on a Koran and put all the conservatives in FEMA concentration camps - it's like these people live in a different reality. But the Clown Car that is the Republican race is giving me hope for the future. All of them are voting box poison in one way or another.
    I was on a two year hiatus due to work or lack there of too. I only made it this year because Dave Ginnard was kind enough to let me stay at his house. The new site is pretty good. There is a bar right outside the gaming area.
    Look, not my best day yesterday. Pre Sunday tension getting to me. Comparing you to the scrote was probably the rudest thing I've done to someone who didn't deserve it and I both retract it and ask your forgiveness. Having a go at Favre was me in Doltst mode. As I say not my best day at the keyboard.
    I was only asking because you seem to be channeling our favourite mutual foe here...
    Any way back to the fray. Brady cheats and Favre was a ponce...
    Look matey, it was supposed to be irony. No the voices in my head made me say it. No it was, in fact, irony. Oh go screw!
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