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    Help Getting TOAW:CoW to Run Again

    I think that you have a software conflict, that's about the only reason that I can think that is causing your now it works, now it doesn't problem. Try to think of what you had on your computer qhen COW last ran. Restore it to that state by unistalling all software that was added after COW...
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    I have to ask

    That's funny, thousands of copies of Yanks and out of everything else. :laugh: :laugh:
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    I have to ask

    They are making light of the fact that a lot of MMP's ASL products are OOP.
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    Something you might like.

    Looks good Yukon.
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    Big MMP Announcement from Brian

    Good news about hiring Charlie, maybe I will see West of Alamein in my lifetime.
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    Help Getting TOAW:CoW to Run Again

    Have you tried to uninstall the game and then reinstall it?
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    Help Getting TOAW:CoW to Run Again

    Did you install any other programs at about the same time that your TOAW stopped working? There might be a conflict with another program that you installed.
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    New Player Guide

    Nice manual HEAT, one thing that I would like to see is game settings used by the players on this ladder. For instance do they use standard or advanced rules, C&C on or off etc.
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    Superpower 2

    Thanks for the link Marines.
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    Superpower 2

    Oh yeah, this game is sounding better all the time,
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    Which to get: CMAK or CMBB?

    Well Ivan I'll help you out, I'll flip a coin, heads you buy CMBB...tails you buy CMAK. OK here goes (drum roll please)'s heads so I guess you buy CMBB. :D
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    Superpower 2

    Well let us know what you think of it. because of the original SP I ain't touchin' it until I see the reviews....and the tech support page.
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    Poll: what will happen first?

    Probably the ASLRB and BV.
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    The World v USA Tour Photos

    Yes, very some more.
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    2 Questions....

    So did I.